Uniden BCD325P2 Review – A police handheld radio scanner & weather alert

61VoVlwTaoL. AC SL1500Welcome to the comprehensive review of the Uniden BCD325P2 Handheld TrunkTracker V Radio Scanner.

This Uniden BCD325P2 might be (without any kind of doubt) one of the best scanning radios currently on the market. It is equipped with some of the most exclusive and most popular features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, GPS compatibility, Close Call RF Capture Technology, support for the latest APCO Project 25 Phase II systems of all time, and a few radio scanners have all of these features combined.

With this radio scanner by your side, you will always stay alerted and informed of all of the newest information and news happening all around you.

This Handheld TrunkTracker V Scanner is mainly Use For Amateur Radio, Air bands, Auto Races, Military Air Shows, Marine, Rural Public Safety, Railroad, and Gifts.

In this article, we will be sharing all of the information about this radio that you must know if you are into a radio scanner. So, let’s start our Uniden BCD325P2 review!


The details Uniden BCD325P2 review

Why do we like this radio?

This is quite a special radio that we like for several reasons. First of all, this radio is super simple, it has a simple design, and it can be used easily. Due to the buttons that help with the navigation through the radio, the simplicity of this device increases even more. The screen is not small at all, and it is easily visible, the letters and numbers are also quite large and you would not have to use any effort in order to recognize them.

  • This is a S.A.M.E weather alert radio
  • This radio can scan around 25000 channels
  • The quick key access system allows you to easily access the menu
  • The design of the radio is very simple
This radio is a very simple radio that has a lot of functions and features. You are about to see which kind of features are the ones that can make your life way easier. We will be describing the Uniden BCD325P2 radio’s design first.

Uniden BCD325P2 Review - A police handheld radio scanner & weather alert


The Design of the Uniden BCD325P2

The Uniden BCD325P2 is generally a small radio that can easily be carried around- that is actually its main purpose, to be practical and easy to carry around. Namely, this radio weighs only one pound and is around 10 inches wide (Dimensions 10 x 1 x 2 inches). Since this radio also has an antenna, we can say that it is still lightweight and small even when the antenna is fully expanded.

This radio has a speaker that occupies its bottom half, while the display, as well as the buttons, occupy the upper half of it. Those small buttons contain both numbers and letters so that one can navigate through the radio with ease.

Performance and specifications of the Uniden BCD325P2

The Uniden BCD325P2 is able to search and scan for about 25000 channels. Due to the Close Call RF capture technology this radio is also able to automatically tune to the signals that are really near you. With that being said, you will be able to stay informed of all of the things that are happening in your area.

Besides that, this radio has also quick key system access that contains around 100 keys. This system allows you to access the systems that you use often without having the need to find them again.

GPS location scanning is another one of the Uniden BCD325P2 radio scanner’s main features that enable finding and connecting this radio to some other GPS receiver by following your location. That way, the radio will not scan all of the channels, but only the ones that are super close to you.

When it comes to the frequency of this radio, it is able to catch NOAA signals. As you can see, this is a S.A.M.E weather alert radio that is able to notify you in case of a weather emergency that is coming your way.

This radio was able to catch clear signals and messages that were important to us. We got to test out the GPS location scanning as well and can say that it is very precise and that gives the exact information.

Other, additional features

When it comes to some extra features that this radio has, well, it has two that especially caught our eye. The rapid decode DCS/CTSS is able to instantly display and tone the subaudible so that the user can determine the system settings easily.

While, on the other hand, the system/channel number tagging is able to provide rapid access to a specific channel or some kind of a system.

Highlight Features

  • With this radio, you will be able to search up to 25000 channels
  • This radio comes with a bunch of exclusive features
  • This radio is compatible with GPS
  • This radio has an advanced dynamic memory system
  • This radio has a Close Call RF capture technology
  • This radio can automatically tune in on the signals that are near you
  • This is the SAME Weather alert radio
  • This radio supports NOAA channels and frequency
  • This radio is able to instantly detect and display the subaudible tone in order to quickly determine the system settings
  • This radio comes with the support for the APCO project 25 phase two systems
  • This radio is easy to use
  • It is small
  • It can easily fit any handy or any kind of pocket
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Box items

When a customer receives this radio the actual unit will be in the box. But, besides that unit, the customer will also receive a user manual with all of the necessary information that they must know. That user manual also includes a lot of step-by-step guides in order to use the radio properly.

We were able to find the PDF version of the Uniden BCD325P2 user manual. If you are curious enough, and you want to find out more information about this radio, click HERE to open up the user manual.

Price of the radio when tested: $356 (Check the Latest Price on Amazon)

Our take on the Uniden BCD325P2

The next section of this review will be containing some information about the radio’s overall performance and the service that it can show. In the continuation, you will also be reading some of our personal comments on the radio scanner, how we tested it, and how we like it.

Is this Uniden BCD325P2 radio any good?

Testing this radio was an extreme pleasure. We wanted to see all of the things that it can do and to use it in our daily routine as much as possible. We are lucky to say that we have succeeded. After successfully testing it for a while, our overall opinion about this radio is definitely one of the better scanner radios that we got to use so far.

There is no doubt that it is definitely worth the money, and that it can for sure make anyone happier with its amazing performance.

Why is this Uniden BCD325P2 radio important and for whom?

We can say that this radio is basically being used by people that like to have some kind of a scanner by their side. Of course, if we talk about professions, this radio has a wide range of being used by the police or firefighters. We can say that it is pretty much important for anyone that wants to have the ability to communicate or receive signals and messages from other people this way.

Why do you need this Uniden BCD325P2 radio and why should you buy it?

This radio is very practical, and basically, that is the main reason why someone should buy it. This radio’s price is somewhat in the range for its quality, at least we think so. We have seen a lot of radios that have worse quality than this one, whose price is a lot higher.

Generally speaking, this is a solid radio that we think will serve well to people who do not expect a lot from it.

Is there a better alternative?

We think that the next Uniden radio that we are about to test out will be the perfect alternative if you do not like this model. The Uniden BCD436HP Digital Handheld Scanner is a bit more expensive than this one, and it has a better screen, the one that is clearer. This radio does not require any kind of programming, and it is very simple to operate.

Besides that, this Uniden BC125AT scanner has more features than this one that can be way more useful. We will see if this radio is actually better than the Uniden BCD325P2 radio scanner in one of our future articles.

Final thoughts of the Uniden BCD325P2 Reviews

We will be ending this Uniden BCD325P2 radio scanner review with nothing but positive thoughts about this radio. It has truly shown us great performance and the ability to do good even after using it for a few hours- its battery was able to hold it and there was no need to charge it.

Maybe, we can even say that the price and the quality of this radio are somewhat on the same level. Of course, some people will say that this radio is a bit overpriced having in mind that it does not have many features and that is generally a simple radio. But, we will let you be the judge of that.

Thanks for reading our review!

FAQs related to Uniden BCD325P2

Q-1. Why is my audio sound weak and scratchy?

There are a few things that may cause this issue. You should make sure that the antenna is fully extended in order to receive the best signal. The base unit will not be able to work properly if the antenna is not extended correctly.

Q-2. Is Uniden a good brand?

Uniden is a very good brand that produces radios and a lot of other different devices. It represents hard competition to all other brands when it comes to the CB radios due to the price range, as well as the quality of the product.

Q-3. How to program a P25 frequency

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