The Uniden BCD436HP Review | A best HomePatrol series digital handheld scanner

A Simple Programming HomePatrol Series Digital Handheld Scanner,   S.A.M.E. Emergency/Weather Alert, TrunkTracker V, Covers USA, and Canada…

We have noticed that police scanners have been quite a hotshot in the tech universe lately, and that is why we have decided to show you our new personal favorite police scanner. So, namely, we will be talking about the Uniden BCD436HP today, a police scanner that is used by public safety, police, and fire.

In other words, anyone with this receiver by their side will be able to listen to aircraft, ambulance, police, fire, military, and weather communications easily. Besides that, this scanner has other many good qualities as well, and we are about to show you all of them in today’s Uniden BCD436HP review.

In-depth Uniden BCD436HP review

The Uniden BCD436HP Review | A simple program digital scanner-Covers USA and Canada


What is the Uniden BCD436HP?

The Uniden Home Patrol-2 is just yet another digital police scanner made by the Uniden brand. To be precise, this is one of the most popular and most effective police scanners currently on the market. No other models will be able to give you a quick connection and fast communication with others like this one can.

Use For:  Events, Amateur Radio, Rural Public Safety, NASCRAR, Auto Races, Boat Races, Marine, Military, Railroad, and Gifts.

This model is definitely worth checking out, and that’s why we are reviewing it here today.

Why do we like it

Our friend has recommended we try out the Uniden BCD436HP because he was obsessed and amazed with the way that this scanner works. After testing it out for a while, we saw what the fuss was all about. Basically, this is a really good scanner with amazing features. Do not let its looks deceive you (some people do not like its design), this scanner is amazing. And, just for your information, we liked its design as well there is nothing wrong with it. Let’s put some of the most important things on the table. What do we like about it?

  • Its fast connection
  • The ability to receive strong signals
  • The ability to provide us with an excellent communication
  • The audio is awesome as well
  • The overall appearance of the unit
  • The battery duration
  • The fast charging

The Uniden BCD436HP is a digital police scanner, review…

The design is the first thing you notice when looking at some object. So, let’s start from its design first and then slightly move towards its features and performance.

The design and features of the Uniden BCD436HP

When you take the first look at this scanner you might think that since it’s small and has small buttons that it’s not able to do its job well. Well, if that is your thoughts, you are very much wrong! Namely, even though this scanner is around ten inches wide, and one pound heavy, it has many features which make it one of the best Uniden police handheld scanners.

This scanner has a very large display and a user-friendly interface. In other words, you are able to use it easily without experiencing any kind of issues. Since it’s so simple to operate, you can just press one simple button and turn it off or on.

To be able to use this scanner, you will have to simply turn it on, enter your zip code and wait for it to load everything. It is able to catch aircraft, military, police, ambulance, and fire signals which is an amazing thing. It works on 25-512 MHz, 758-824 MHz, 849-869 MHz, 894-960 MHz, and 1240-1300 MHz frequencies.

Yet another amazing feature of this scanner is its ability to connect to the GPS. You will never get lost again, or lose the trail of the road. As long as you have the unit with you all the time, you will be able to always reach your wanted destination.

Besides all of this, you are able to easily set up this scanner. And, on top of that, it is able to receive other trunked channels as well. Those other channels include the Motorola Type one, two, and three, and LTR standard channels.

There is even a favorites function that will enable you to save all of your favorite channels so that you do not have to constantly search for them over and over again.

Performance of the Uniden BCD436HP

One of the best things about this scanner is that its batteries can last for a while before needing to be recharged. This means that you can carry your scanner with you everywhere without having constant fear that it will run out of power.

On the other note, the signals on every single transmission were able to stay strong and not get lost or cracked.

We loved that we have the ability to select from nine different tone patterns and set up an alert for different situations.

Highlighted features

  • This scanner can be connected to the GPS
  • It contains an extra-large display
  • It is able to catch aircraft, military, police, ambulance, and fire signals
  • It has a large range of frequencies
  • Its batteries of it are able to last for hours
  • You are able to save your favorite channels
  • This is a portable, handheld scanner
  • It has a very big display with some extra buttons to help you out with navigation
  • The user manual comes with it, as well as the AC adapter
  • It works on 3AA batteries
The design and features of the Uniden BCD436HP
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The price of this police scanner when we tested it: was $$


The user manual and set up

The user manual which we were luckily able to find online in PDF version basically contains every tiny detail that any good user manual should have. In it, you will be able to find everything that might interest you, and the answer to all of the questions about the device which you may have. Here is the link that leads to the PDF version of the user manual, if you want to read it. Of course, every customer receives a hard copy of the device in the box.

Uniden BCD436HP Quick Keys, Zip search, WX operation

Our take on the Uniden BCD436HP

You can clearly see that we have liked this unit, but, let’s see if we think that you should invest your money in it too.uniden bearcat bcd436hp police scanner review

Should you buy this Uniden BCD436HP scanner, and is it worth the money?

Our straight answer is: yes, you should definitely purchase this scanner and have it in your possession. Of course, before purchasing it, you need to make sure that you really need to have one of these scanners by your side, and if you will be using it for good purposes.

When it comes to the quality of this scanner, we do not have to talk much about it since you can clearly see from its performance and the number of features that it is a good quality scanner that is able to do its job well.

Besides, it will not cost you a lot of money, and you can always return it if you do not like its performance and appearance after all.

Is there any kind of an alternative for it?

If you loved this model, we could easily recommend you dozens of others that are equally or nearly as good as this one, but, we will only show you one now. Take a look at yet another Uniden police scanner radio which generally has similar features to the HomePatrol2 one. This is the Uniden MHS75, a waterproof two-way radio.

Namely, there are some huge differences between these two models, and the Uniden MHS75 is clearly a marine radio, has a smaller size and all, but, it is able to catch ambulance, marine, police, fire, and similar signals, just like the HomePatrol2 one. We think that this is amazing, and, if you are looking for a smaller, more easily portable scanner, you should definitely consider buying this one.

In conclusion of the Uniden BCD436HP reviews

Lastly, we can summarize our opinion and say that this scanner is generally great. All of the features worked perfectly fine while we were testing it, and we enjoyed using it too. The most important thing to remember when buying police scanner radios is the purpose of why you would need to have that kind of radio in your possession. The unit itself will do the rest.

We totally recommend this Uniden BCD436HP to anyone who would want to listen to different signal communications whenever they want to.

FAQs related to Uniden BCD436HP

Q-1. Is the HomePatrol 2 able to pick up aircraft transmissions?

Yes, as we have mentioned before, this model of Uniden scanners is able to pick up police, fire, weather, public alert, ambulance, and aircraft signals too.

Q-2. Does this scanner contain a low battery indicator?

Yes, this unit is equipped with a low battery indicator which will notify you on time if your batteries are about to run out of power.

Q-3. Does this unit contain an AUX output?

No, unfortunately, this unit does not have an AUX output, however, there are many different jacks and slots available on it.



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