Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner Review

Are you currently looking for a good handheld radio to purchase? We know how finding the right one might cause you some trouble. But, we think that you will just adore this Uniden bearcat BC125AT Radio Scanner.

The Uniden BC125AT delivers the convenience of a handheld radio scanner with the security of knowing you have the longest range possible; you can always stay in touch with others if needed. Besides that, the radio is very sophisticated and can store up to 500 channels. This is a pretty impressive number having in mind that this is also a small portable scanner!

So, let’s begin with our Uniden BC125AT radio scanner review right away, to see what it can offer you!

Uniden BC125AT Review | A perfect Bearcat handheld radio scanner


The details Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Review

Why do we like this Scanner?

This handheld radio scanner ended up in our list of one of the best radios that we have tested so far. This handheld radio scanner might have all of the features that one person needs. If you’re in your car, truck, van, or bike, over the road, camping out, or just out hiking the trail, you can bring it with you and always have a good, strong signal!

  • The strong signal it receives
  • The compact and lightweight design
  • The battery duration
  • The overall performance

Perfect Use For

Amateur Radio, Rural Public Safety, NASCAR, Auto Races, Events, Gifts, Boat Races, Military, Marine and Railroad

As usual, we will start by talking about this handheld radio scanner’s design.

The Design and Features

The Uniden Bearcat BC125AT handheld radio scanner is a radio that has a very simple, yet good-looking design. When it comes to its size, we can say that this is a, generally speaking, lightweight, and portable scanner that can be carried around easily. It weighs around one pound and is around 8 inches long.

It has a very specific display that occupies the first half of it. What makes it specific is the size of the display and its color. Namely, the orange backlight on the display makes it easily visible even in night conditions. Due to that vivid display, there is no chance that you will lose this handheld radio scanner since it can be spotted quite easily. For example, the ability to catch and enable its user to listen to both civilian and military stations, as well as police signals, ambulance signals, fire, Amateur radio services, weather, and marine signals is extraordinary. It can catch over forty thousand (40K) frequencies, this is quite a large number.

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Because of the ability to listen to pre-sets channels, you will able to find all of the most popular searches frequencies are: Fire/Emergency, CB Radio, Railroad, Civil Air, Military Air, Ham, Marine, FRS/GMRS/MURS, Racing search bands, and Other Search Bands and Channels!

With this sophisticated scanner, you will be able to stay informed and safe of all of the news that is coming your way. Due to the 500 alpha-tagged channels, the sound quality and the strength of the signal will always be at the highest level possible. The weather alert feature helps as well since this is an NOAA weather alert scanner.

One specific technology that this handheld radio scanner has built into it is the Close Call RF capture technology that helps with the transmission of signals that are nearby. It prevents signals from breaking and enables instant tuning.

Another important feature that this handheld radio scanner has is the close-call technology. This technology enables the scanner to tune into the signals that are very near him. And, let’s not forget to mention on which frequencies this radio can work. Basically, it can tune to channels with:

  • 25-54MHz,
  • 108-174MHz,
  • 225-380 MHz,
  • and to 400-512MHz.

Performance of the Uniden BC125AT

And now, let’s talk for a bit about this handheld radio scanner’s performance.

When we have tested this handheld radio scanner, we have been able to see it ourselves how this radio works. We can say that it was able to provide us with a very strong signal, and a crystal clear sound. The battery lasted for hours, and it did not need another charge. This is great especially if you are on the road frequently and you do not have the time to change your batteries. Since the battery duration is approx. 4 hours, you would not have to worry about a thing.

Other, additional features

If you like to hike, and you have brought this handheld radio scanner just in case you feel safer, you can turn on the Do not disturb mode anytime you want to. The do not disturb mode prevents any kind of close call transmissions from happening. That way, you can have some peace and quiet time.

Another great additional feature is that this scanner can actually catch a lot of different kinds of frequencies, besides the normal ones. And, the frequency channels are all separated into groups to make your searching way easier, since you will be doing a search of interest.61bE7T RjEL. AC SL1500

Highlight Features

    • This is a small, lightweight, portable scanner
    • It has a very practical design
    • This scanner contains an orange backlighted display
    • It can catch 40k frequencies
    • It can pick up both police, marine, and civilian signals, as well as aircraft, amateur radio services, and ambulance
    • It has a Close call RF capture technology built into it
    • It also has a do not disturb mode
    • The alpha tagging feature lets you assign names to your favorite channels
    • It can work on a various range of frequencies
    • It has a close-call technology
    • This scanner is an NOAA weather alert scanner

Price of the radio when tested: $79.99


The user manual

We know how having a user manual can be of a lot of help. It is especially helpful if you do not know how to quite handle the device that you have just bought. Well, if that is the case with you and this device, fear not, because you will be receiving a user manual alongside the radio in the box. Here’s the PDF version if you want to read it- HERE.

Our take on Uniden BC125AT review

Let’s continue to the next section of the article where we talk about our own experience with this handheld radio scanner, and whether or not someone should buy it.

  • Is this handheld radio scanner any good?

When talking about the quality of this handheld radio scanner, we must not forget to mention the number of features it has. This is a standard handheld scanner that can catch quite an impressive number of channels and different kinds of frequencies.

When looking at it as a whole, we can say that this device is pretty much one of the best ones on the market. The lightweight design is there, and so is the affordable price that definitely comes in range with all of the features that this scanner has. So, to sum this up, we believe that this radio totally good.

  • Why do you need this handheld radio scanner and why should you buy it?

People who have police or medical emergency jobs probably need this radio the most. Since it can enable them an easy communicate with each other, it makes it a lot easier for them to do their jobs.

Besides that, an ordinary man can also get this handheld radio scanner. Usually, people who like to go on hikes travel, or walk in the woods decide to buy this scanner. This radio is perfect for short-range communication, but, besides that, it can work great in case of any kind of emergency. You can just simply turn it on at any time and call your closest companion for help.

There is no doubt that this handheld radio scanner has made a lot of customers’ lives way easier, and it will continue to do so in the future!

Is there a better alternative?

You probably already know that there are many different devices on the market that are very similar to this one. The trick is to find the one that has somewhat the same quality as the original model, and whose price is either affordable or a little bit higher.

We have stumbled upon this Whistler WS1010 analog handheld scanner that costs around eighty bucks. As you can see, it is a little cheaper than the Uniden Bearcat BC236AT one, but it has a lot of features as well. The fact that the Whistler scanner can be programmed through a PC is a pretty good thing.

Conclusion Uniden Bearcat BC125AT review

There’s not much left to say. As you can see, this is quite an interesting handheld radio scanner that has a lot of different features. This Uniden Bearcat BT125AT scanner is one of the most affordable Uniden models that also have an amazing quality

We have no doubts that anyone that decides to purchase their radio for themselves will have an amazing experience with it. This handheld radio scanner will for sure be able to fulfill all of your expectations, work amazingly, and serve you well for years. It sure as well served us well!

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Thank you for taking the time to read our Uniden Bearcat BC125AT scanner review!


Q-1. Is Uniden Bearcat bc125at digital?

No, this is an analog radio scanner.

Q-2. How do you unlock channels on a Uniden bc125at?

  • You will need to press the Hold button to stop scanning.
  • After that press and hold the L/O button until a message appears on the display
  • Lastly, press the PGM/E button to unlock the channels.

Q-3. How do I program my Uniden bc125at?

  • Press the Hold button
  • After that press the channel location button
  • Press the FUNC button after that
  • You will now need to press the E button twice and to enter your frequency.
  • After entering press the E button once again, and then the dot button to leave the programming mode.

Q-4. What is the best police scanner on the market?

One of the best police scanners on the market is probably the Uniden BCD436HP home patrol model. It is specially designed for those kinds of purposes.

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