Uniden MHS75 Review : Waterproof Handheld 2-Way VHF Marine Radio

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71R3pw9yqnL._AC_SL1500_.jpgThe Uniden MHS75 handheld two-way marine radio is the best marine radio on the market. Let us share on this page Uniden MHS75 Review.

This marine radio reflects the pinnacle of quality and functionality that the Uniden Corporation has been known for since 1966. The leader and world’s largest manufacturer of wireless communication, including cordless telephones, mobile radios, frequency scanners, televisions, satellite equipment, and marine electronics. The Uniden designers jam-packed this radio with a battalion of incredible features.

The Submersible handheld includes, in the box, a DC charger with rapid clip-on, online manuals in both English and French, and a rechargeable battery. Other various accessories are available at an affordable price to meet your individual needs.

Design and Features of the Uniden MHS75, review

Owners will be thrilled with this two-way radio. The submersible design makes it water-resistant to a depth of 1.5 meters below the surface and can withstand being submerged up to 30 minutes without damage. Engage the memory scan mode to save channels within the memory and process all their activity by rapidly switching the Depending on the situation; you can also choose your transmit power.
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41vAwpI9iDL._AC_.jpgThe transmitter power function enables the user to choose the Watt power desired. The power levels are 1 Watt, 2.5 Watts, or 5 Watts packed into this small handheld radio. With each increase in Wattage, the transmission distance exponentially increases.

The Lithium-ion battery level display and low battery alert are lifesavers. ough, channels. One feature that might be unfamiliar to some is called the Triple, Quad, and Dual Watch operation. This feature enables the user to monitor a total of three channels simultaneously in the following combination possibilities:

  • (a) Two Coast Guard Distress channels and one weather channel;
  • (b) Two Hailing channels and one weather channel; and
  • (c) One Coast Guard Distress channel, one hailing channel, and one weather channel.

All United States, Canadian, and International frequencies can be accessed. The last major feature is the NOAA, or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, weather channel watch. This feature produces an alerting pitch when a hazard alert is issued. Together all of these features and functions are why the Uniden VHF Waterproof Two-Way Marine Radio (MHS75) is the best on the market.

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The built-in parts include:

  • a) Antenna;
  • b) WX-Alert (Weather —alert) button which allows the user to monitor weather channels;
  • c) Push to talk button;
  • d) LCD Screen;
  • e) 16/9-Tn (16/9-Triple watch) buttons. When the user presses the button, the radio chooses channel 16. The second press of the button changes the radio to channel 9. Press the button a 3rd time, and the cycle repeats;
  • f) Mem (memory) button;
  • g) Squelch knobs (Turn clockwise to decrease channel noise, this works fantastic) and the Volume-power (Turn clockwise to increase volume) is located at the top of the radio;
  • h) Wrist strap anchor;
  • i) UIC-Luck button;
  • j) Channel up button;
  • k) 1/5W-2.5W Button;
  • l) Channel down button, and
  • m) Speaker and microphone.

Do You Need A VHF Radio On A Boat?

If you’re a mariner or just a boating enthusiast in general, then you’re probably always looking out for good, new accessories for your rig. Better lights, motors, and other parts can all significantly improve the performance of your boat or make boating a more enjoyable activity with the security they provide.

While every boat should be equipped with flotation devices for the occupants, that’s not what I’m talking about here. Before we get to that, let’s take a moment to really consider some of the more useful equipment for your boat like stronger or multiple motors, and then we’ll get to the VHF Radio.

You might not think it, but having powerful lights when you’re out on the water is pretty much a necessity. If you’ve ever driven through bad fog on land before then you know how much that can reduce visibility and hamper your ability to see the things around you, including other cars.

The same thing is true on the water except you can’t stop or turn as fast and crashing into another boat with your own is like signing your own death warrant. Lights that get you seen in bad weather are as good as the best marine VHF Radio.

Most people are looking for new sources of power or ways to move faster for their cars and boats too. It is pretty simple to attach new motors to a boat, as long as there is room enough to install the new gear. You should look for the smallest possible motor to give your specific rig the greatest possible boost in speed.

This will take some time and research but the results will be well worth it. While both of these improvements can make your watercraft perform better, they don’t address the safety of the passengers like marine VHF Radio does. So which is the best?

Well, in my opinion, the Uniden Brand is the best VHF Radio around right now. You can check out this Uniden MHS75 model. It comes with all the marine channels for the United States, Canada, and international waters all pre-programmed for the user so it is ready to use right out of the package, no fuss. Alternatively, check here If you need a True I/Q Digital Handheld radio Scanner.

Better than any of this, the thing floats. If you drop it in the water it’s not automatically gone and that saves you a lot of grief. Every boat should have a radio in case of an emergency.


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