The Uniden PRO505XL Pro-Series CB Radio Review (40-Channel, Instant Emergency Channel 9)

An affordable pro-series Compact Design CB radio…

We know how the stocks are limited today since the whole COVID-19 pandemic situation all around the world. The amazing thing is that the Uniden PRO505XL model of CB radios is definitely one of the most affordable CB radios which you will be able to find on the today’s market, and it is still available!

This professional and compact CB radio features some public address functions and an easy-to-read LCD display. With this bad guy by your side, you will always be able to make calls and receive good-quality audio calls as well!

We really want to show you all of the things that this Uniden PRO505XL model can do, and that’s why we shall start right away! Let’s see why we like it first, and what does this model actually represent.

In-depth Uniden PRO505XL review

the uniden pro505xl pro-series cb radio review


What is the Uniden PRO505XL radio?

The Uniden Pro505XL is yet another model from the Uniden’s professional series of compact and affordable radios. This model, in particular, features lots of features which can be used on an everyday basis, whether you have a job that requires the usage of this kind of radio, but also, for personal usage by any individual.

The Uniden PRO505XL is definitely one of the better models from the professional series, but, it also might be one of the most affordable ones.

Why do we like it

The main reason why we love this model is definitely that it has a very compact yet practical design. As you can see, the microphone is attached to it and it comes with the unit inside of the box. This model is generally very practical for people who have some kind of eyesight problem since the display is quite large, and you would not have to look for your glasses anytime you want to use this model.  And all of that is possible thanks to the big LCD display with backlighting.

What we like about the Uniden PRO505XL
This model has a very compact design
It is affordable
This model is available on the worldwide market
It is perfect for people who have bad eyesight due to the huge LCD display
It is also practical for people who are required to use radios while working

The Uniden PRO505XL, the compact, durable radio review

Since we have loved this model’s design a lot, we will start off by describing it first.

The design and features

As you can see for yourself, the Uniden PRO505XL is generally a small receiver with lots of functions. Namely, it is around thirteen inches wide while, on the other hand, it’s two pounds heavy. We have the power to say that this radio has a very practical and compatible design.

One of the best things about the Uniden PRO505XL’s design is that it is able to fit into any kind of vehicle. It does not matter if you would like to use it in a car, a truck, or some other vehicle, since it has very dimensions, you will be able to install it without any kind of issues.

We loved its awesome features. The best one is definitely the ability to catch all kinds of signals, even if they are quite far from it. The transmissions will remain strong at all times. The PA speaker is there to make sure that you hear everything loud and clear, and, the power indicator will let you know if your radio is having some power issues.

As we have previously mentioned, this radio is featured with an external microphone which, of course, comes with it inside of the box. To be honest with you, this microphone is nothing special. It is able to do its job well and create good quality audio sound, but, if you would like to upgrade the unit a little bit, you can always purchase the best CB microphone separately.

Oh, and we have forgotten to mention the huge LCD screen with orange backlighting. Since the screen is very big, you will be able to use it easily even in the dark.

As you already know, this is a CB radio which has access to the public address functionality, and to the instant emergency channel nine. The buttons on the display are there to help you access those channels with ease.
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When it comes to the performance of this radio, we can say with happiness that it is able to keep the communication flowing without losing the signal strength. On top of that, if you would like to make the communication even louder, you are able to hook the unit up with an external speaker. All of that is possible due to the universal speaker jack.

As soon as you unbox this radio, you will be able to see that the microphone, all of the necessary mounting hardware, as well as the two-year warranty, and the user manual all come with the unit inside of the box.

Highlighted features

  • This radio contains a big LCD display with orange backlighting
  • The user manual and all of the necessary mounting hardware come with it in the box
  • It contains a speaker jack
  • This is a CB radio
  • The microphone comes with the unit inside of the box
  • It is able to switch onto an emergency channel nine if needed
  • It is featured with a full range 40 channel radio list
  • Its design of it is very practical and compact
  • This radio contains the public address function
  • It contains the RF power indicator
  • It can easily fit anywhere

The price of this public address radio when we tested it: was $49.99

The user manual and set up

Even though the user manual is not that long, it for sure contains all of the necessary info that any new owner of this radio should know. The manual also includes a whole chapter on how to set up, and eventually use the radio. So, basically, even if you are not an expert in radio devices, you will still be able to manage and use them with ease.

We will leave the link that will take you to the user manual just in case you want to check it out.

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Our take on the Uniden PRO505XL

What do you think of this radio so far? We for sure love it and you are about to find out on which kind of occasions does this radio comes in handy.

Should you buy this radio, and is it worth the money?

As you have seen before, this radio costs only forty dollars. So, when you look at it this way, even if you buy it and end up not liking it, you do not have that much to lose. Everyone can afford forty dollars, just skip a few coffees at a café this week and you will be able to afford this wonderful radio.

On the other hand, if you are a person whose job is to sit around all day in a car, or in a truck, you might seriously need to consider purchasing one of these for yourself. Not only will it make your job a lot easier, it will also be able to fill your time and make it go much faster. If you may not know this info, many of the American truckers are using this and other Uniden models from the PRO series every day on their jobs.

And, almost all of them are our witnesses who say that this radio definitely makes their job a lot easier.

Is there any kind of an alternative for it?

If you liked this Uniden model, we would totally like to recommend you to check out all of the rest models from the PRO series. This time, we won’t be giving you the exact alternative for the Uniden PRO505XL model, but, we will let you decide whether or not you like some other model from the Uniden PRO series more than this one. So, go ahead, do a little bit of research on the web and let us know what you think. Which model is the best?

In conclusion Uniden Pro505xl Review

This radio is for sure able to do its job well. And, besides being very much affordable, the features are amazing too. Overall, the Uniden radios from their PRO line have not disappointed us so far, and we are sure that they will also continue to amaze us with their performance in the future as well.

This Uniden PRO505XL CB radio, in particular, is the perfect choice for people who spend lots of time in their vehicles, and are required to communicate with others constantly as well.


What are the frequency output range and the wattage?

The wattage for this radio is around 8.5-9.0 watts with 17-18 watt peaks.

Should I buy an antenna for this radio?

No need for you to purchase an external CB radio antenna. The radio is already featured with one inside of it. Of course, if you would like to increase the reception, you are able to buy it.



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