The Uniden PRO520XL Review | Heavy-Duty 40-channel CB radio

The Uniden PRO520XL- A compact CB radio review; Uniden PRO520XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio; 7 Watts of Audio Output and Instant Emergency Channel 9. Compact Design; ANL Switch and PA/CB Switch. – Black & Tram 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit

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A professional heavy-duty CB radio…

Since CB radios have been invented, lots of brands started producing them instantly. But, definitely, one of the best worldwide brands which produced CB radio is the Uniden one. And today, we will be introducing you to one of the many CB radio models made by Uniden- the Uniden PRO520XL.

This receiver is just another one from the professional series of heavy-duty radios with RF gain control and a compact design. Besides being super affordable, it also has many of the best and most modern features that many of us need in order to function normally in our everyday lives.

So, let’s see if the Uniden PRO520XL is up to the task to make your life easier.

But first, let’s see what the Uniden PRO520Xl actually represents.

What is the Uniden PRO520Xl?

The Uniden PRO520XL is actually one of the best compact mobile CB radios which are used by American Truckers for years. This model in particular contains loads of features that can make the job of a trucker way easier and a lot more fun. As the Uniden brand itself says, this radio has been telling the stories of the American truckers for over fifty years.

This two-way CB radio is without any kind of doubt, one of the best CB models that the Uniden brand has produced so far.

The Uniden PRO520XL, a compact CB radio from the PRO series review

We will be starting off by briefly talking about why we liked this, and the design of this radio, then we will proceed to its features and performance.

Why do we like the Uniden PRO520XL?

One of the best things that we like about this model is that it has a very neat and compact design. When you first take a look at it, you will be able to notice that the unit itself comes with a microphone plug and an actual microphone. The microphone is a basic, ordinary one, but it is able to do its job well. The design of the unit itself is what is charming since the design allows the user to use the radio easily.

What we like about the Uniden PRO520Xl

  • The price of this model
  • It’s a neat and practical design
  • The microphone which comes with the unit
  • The easy-to-read display
  • All of the things which come with it inside of the box
  • Great for NOAA Weather Radio

The design and features of Uniden PRO520XL

The Uniden PRO520XL radio is around 4.5 inches wide which makes it a medium-sized radio. Its weight, on the other hand (1.63 pounds) tells us that it’s very lightweight and easy to carry around. This model is available only in black color, which makes it look neat and attractive.

One of the most attractive features of this radio is that this is actually a CB radio which offers a full 4watts transmit power, as well as the RF gain control. The good thing is that it is able to offer its users 40 channels as well.

It can easily be mounted to any kind of vehicle since all of the necessary mounting hardware comes with it inside of the box. On top of that, the microphone is also there. It’s a solid microphone, not the best, but it works perfectly fine.

The general design of this radio is simple. You can see that it has an LCD screen with LED backlighting, and a few extra buttons which definitely help with the navigation throughout the radio: the volume control button, the squelch control, noise limiter switch, and many more.

We love this model because it has a universal size, and is able to fit into all kinds of vehicles. On top of that, you can add an external speaker if you want to give him even more volume power. All of that is possible due to the external speaker jack.

And lastly, also one of the most important features which this model has is definitely the built-in automatic noise limiter and auto squelch, which are there to eliminate all possible noise with might interrupt your normal communication with others.
The Uniden PRO520XL Review [40 channel CB radio]


When it comes to the performance of this radio, we can say that it has a surprisingly nice performance. It is able to catch wide frequency signals and keep them strong as long as the transmission lasts. The audio quality is great, and even the microphone quality which transmits your voice to others is awesome.

We must not forget to mention that any customer who purchases this model will be receiving a two-year warranty alongside it.

Highlighted features

  • This is a medium-sized radio that comes with a microphone in the box
  • All of the necessary mounting hardware alongside the user manual also comes with the unit in the box
  • This is a very lightweight radio
  • This is a CB radio
  • It contains a built-in external speaker jack
  • A two-year warranty comes with the unit
  • There are 40 mobile channels available on this radio
  • It contains an automatic noise limiter
  • It is very easy to use
  • This radio is perfect for trucks and basically all kinds of vehicles

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The user manual and set up

The owner’s manual contains lots of information that any new user should read. We know how reading user manuals can be awfully boring sometimes, but, if you have never used a similar radio to this one so far, you should definitely give your attention to this radio’s manual. The good thing is that the manual comes with the unit inside of the box, alongside the mounting bracket, knobs, microphone holder, and some of the other mounting hardware.

The user manual will help you set your radio up properly. Here’s a PDF version of it.

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Our take on the Uniden PRO520XL

After testing out the Uniden PRO520XL, we were able to format our own opinion of it, and you are about to see what we actually think.

The price of this pro series CB radio with a compact design when we tested it: was 60 $$

Should you buy this radio, and is it worth the money?

As you can see, this model is very similar to the Uniden 510Xl, they actually have some different features, but are very similar to one another. So, basically, the Uniden PRO520XL radio is perfect for usage by people whose job is to drive around all day. In other words, it can easily be installed in cars, trucks, and some of the other vehicles as well.

So, if you are a person that has similar jobs to the previously described one, you might need to get one of these bad boys for your vehicle as well. There is no doubt that it will be able to make your job way easier and a lot more fun. American truckers have been using this model in particular for years, and we have seen for ourselves that this receiver is actually able to do all of the things listed.

Being affordable is just another one of its perks, which means that you won’t be spending a lot of money, but, you will also receive an amazing quality radio.

Is there any kind of an alternative for it?

Well, if you have liked the Uniden PRO520XL model of Uniden CB radios, you will for sure like the older model as well. Check out the Uniden PRO510XL which is a bit older model and has similar features to the PRO520XL one. Their prices are not much different, and we believe that both of these are able to give you the right satisfaction with their performances.

After you check out the Uniden PRO510XL, we would love to hear your opinion about both of these models. Which one do you prefer, the newer or the older version? Let us hear about it!

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In conclusion

Lastly, we can say that the Uniden PRO520XL is definitely one of the better CB radio receivers which you will be able to find on the market. Its performance is awesome, as you could have easily seen from our review, and it also has pretty nice features that some other CB radios do not have.

Our final thoughts are that this radio is definitely worth the money, especially if you are constantly spending time in your vehicle, and you need some sort of way of communicating with others.

FAQs related to Uniden PRO520XL

Q-1. Do I need to purchase an antenna for this radio in order for it to work properly?

No, you definitely do not need to purchase an antenna, but, you can if you want to. If you do decide that you should buy, buy a small 3-5 inch antenna with a big range,

Q-2. Is this radio good for USA citizens?

Yes, actually, this radio is mostly used by USA citizens, and it works perfectly in the States.



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