Uniden SDS200 Review [Advanced X Base/Mobile Digital Trunking Scanner]

• A modern scanner:

As the name of this model says- it is a very modern scanner with a bunch of advanced features. This device will bring you all of the joy of owning a good quality scanner by surprising you with its amazing performance and a lot of dashing features.

This amazing trucking scanner with the I/Q receiver technology will be able to provide you with the unsurpassed digital performance that you have needed in your truck!

Let’s see what else it can do in the continuation of our Uniden SDS200 review!

Uniden SDS200 Review [Advanced X Base/Mobile Digital Trunking Scanner]


In-depth Uniden SDS200 radio scanner review

Why do we like

This might be the first trucking scanner that we have gotten to review so far. But, we really love it! There is no doubt that any kind of truck owner should have this scanner by their side whenever they are on the road. It will give you all of the benefits and show you an amazing performance while doing so! What do we like about this radio scanner?

  • The size
  • The weight
  • The amazing performance
  • The true I/Q technology that is built into it
  • The ability to scan the complete USA and Canada radio database
  • This is the best scanner for simulcast systems on the market
  • State-Of-The-Art for the Radio Monitoring hobby

If you have been reading some of our previous reviews, you have learned by now that we start off by talking and describing the device’s design. That is exactly what we are going to do now! We will be starting from the basic information about this scanner and then moving our way to the performance.

Design and Features of the Uniden SDS200

When taking the first look at this scanner, you will notice that it has an LCD display in the middle and some buttons on both sides of the display. The right side of it is being occupied by a number keyboard that can help with the navigation through the whole device, while the left side contains a speaker volume button.

The size of it is actually great. Even though this is not a handheld scanner, but a trucking scanner, its dimensions are very much reasonable. For example, it weighs around five pounds and is around thirteen inches wide. Yes, it belongs to the group of bigger scanners but it is very easy to use and handle.

Let’s talk about some of the features that this scanner contains. Namely, this is a true I/Q receiver with advanced technology built into it. The true I/Q technology is there to provide the user with an amazing digital performance. In addition to that, this scanner also contains a trunk tracker X, and direct Ethernet connectivity features as well.

When talking about its features, we cannot forget to mention that it has the ability to connect to marine weather and analog signals due to its wide range of frequencies. It works on 25-512MHz and 1240-1300MHz frequencies for different types of signals. On top of that, this scanner has a complete USA and Canada radio database scanned.

And lastly, we must also say that this SDS200 is featured with the APCO P25, and Motorola, as well as EDACS and LTR trucking.

Design and Features of the Uniden SDS200


Performance of the Uniden SDS200

Let’s keep this short. We are very much satisfied with this scanner’s performance since it was able to show us an amazing performance without any kind of interruptions. Overall, it can catch quite a lot of signals without receiving one that is broken, which is pretty much impressive.

This is a cheap, affordable, yet very good scanner that will for sure supply anyone with a good quality performance and features, as well as the reception of signals.

As our tested, this is the best digital trunking police scanner

Other, additional features

What’s great about this scanner is that the user will not have to worry about the updates, they can be easily received. Namely, alongside the Optional paid downloadable upgrades, the software on your scanner will always be up to date.

Another additional feature as well as the ability of the display to change colors. The customizable display is there to help set the mood and make the interior of the truck better.

Highlighted features

  • This is a trucking scanner
  • This scanner contains I/Q technology
  • It is very similar to the handheld SDS100 scanner
  • This scanner has a larger base of the USA and Canada data
  • It has a wide range of frequency
  • It has the direct Ethernet connectivity
  • It has a customizable color display
  • It comes with an AC adapter and a power cable
  • It has a USB socket
  • This scanner can catch marine weather and analog signals as well
  • This scanner contains an LCD display

The User manual

The user manual of this device is pretty much equipped with all of the information that you should know before starting to use this scanner. The user manual is long, and it contains all of the important topics such as basic information about your scanner, how to install it, set it up, and finally use it.

While every user will receive this manual alongside the device in the box, we were also able to find a PDF version of it for all of those curious heads. By clicking on this link HERE, you will be directly taken to the site where the user manual can be found.

Our take and thought about the Uniden SDS200 scanner

What do you think? Is this scanner worth your time? Well, we are about to see and prove that.

Is this Uniden SDS200 scanner any good?

We believe that you could have figured it out yourself by now- we think that this scanner is awesome! Namely, it has really shown us great performance, and, we also love the specifications that it has.

When it comes to the design, it is really modern, and there is no doubt that it could easily fit into any kind of truck while making its interior a lot better and more pleasant. The ability of this scanner to catch even marine weather and analog signals makes its performance and our overall opinion on it a lot better. While the ability to change its own display colors helps set the mood and make the truck ride more enjoyable.Uniden SDS200 scanner


Why do you need a Uniden SDS200 scanner and why should you buy it?

Are you a professional truck driver? Well, if that is exactly your job, you should definitely think about purchasing one of these for your vehicle. Namely, this scanner is built to serve you, and to make your life, and job much more enjoyable.

Sitting around in a truck all day can be a hard thing to do, so, why not make it easier? Since this scanner can change display colors, the whole mood and interior inside of your truck will for sure be better. As well as the ability to catch loads of different signals, and military weather as well, you will be always notified of some obstacles coming your way!

What’s in the Box

  1. AC and DC Adapter
  2. Mobile power harness
  3. BNC-type Telescoping Antenna
  4. MicroSD Card (installed)
  5. USB Cable
  6. Mounting Bracket and Hardware
  7. Printed Material

Is there a better alternative?

We think that the best alternative might be this model’s brother- the Uniden SDS100 one. This model is actually very much similar to the SDS200 one, but it also has some major differences. For example, the Uniden SDS100 also has an I/Q technology built into it in order to make the overall performance better and the reception better.

But, the difference is that the Uniden SDS100 is actually a handheld scanner. Unlike the SDS200 which belongs to the truck scanner group, the SDS100 can easily be carried around without any kind of interruptions. It can be put anywhere, even in trucks and it will still bring the user an amazing performance. read more Uniden SDS100 review

Final words of Uniden SDS200 Review

In conclusion, even though this is the first trucking scanner that we have tested, it is really good. We believe that it’s needless to repeat that it has the ability to catch even distanced signals due to the great frequency range.

If you decide to buy the Uniden SDS200 scanner, you will for sure not be disappointed as it will become a part of your daily life routine. Especially if your job involves trucks, this scanner will for sure make your job easier and the ride more enjoyable.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Uniden SDS200 review, let us know if you have decided to buy this scanner!

…Sample buyer review…the best Scanner Ever! this is probably the BEST scanner I have ever owned. I have had many scanners radio through the 03 years. This is the easiest program, the last three scanners I had professionally programmed.

This time I did Uniden SDS200 myself, just by imputing my zip code. …Custom searches are done on the fly, where it would take a whole series of steps and complicated instructions with previous Uniden or other mfg scanners… With the Uniden SDS200, you can simply hit one button. You can scan this nationally, or change the range of your scan down to 01 (one) mile!

There are 03(three) main buttons on the display, System, Dept, and Channel. You simply push the channel and your hold on that one channel. Push the Dept, and unpush the Channel, now you are scanning everything in that selected Department. Works the same for the type of System.

The best screen I have ever seen and it is completely customizable with so many colors. The audio is extremely very good, I have noticed that some of the Cons reviews were listed last year and I believe Uniden probably addressed them since then because I did not have any issues with mine. Absolutely the best Scanner out there, well worth the money!”

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FAQs about Uniden SDS200

Q-1. Does this scanner have a playback function?

Yes, this scanner does have the replay feature that will be able to replay some transmissions that you may have missed.

Q-2. What does this canner come up with in the box?

The user will receive this scanner alongside a wall power cord, as well as the 12v auto lighter socket plug, and a USB cord that can help with the connection to other devices.

Q-3. Does the unit contain an internal speaker or does the user have to buy an external one?

This receiver comes with a built-in speaker inside of it, which means that you do not need to buy an external one, the one that Is inside it works perfectly fine.

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