What is a Double DIN Radio?

If you are shopping for a new replacement radio unit for your vehicle or are someone who is just getting interested in car stereo systems, the different designs and terms can be a little overwhelming. Car audio technology has evolved at a fast pace in the last decade or two and keeping up with the times can require some commitment.

Today we are going to explore the Double DIN radio because it has grown more and more popular and it is now common for them to come as the stock radio design in new cars coming straight from the factory. You have most likely seen or even used a Double DIN radio before and just didn’t know what the technical term for it was. This article will help to clarify exactly what a double-DIN radio is, a quick look into its advantages over a single DIN radio, and some information about how to find the right one for you if you are looking for a replacement for your current car stereo interface.

What Exactly Is a Double DIN Car Radio?

What is a Double DIN Radio
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The difference between single and double-DIN: Though double DIN radios usually have many extra features that give them an advantage over the traditional single DIN design, the terminology simply refers to the size of the interface on your vehicle’s console. For those interested in the history of the term, DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung and was a standard invented by German manufacturers to tell the difference between the old standard and this new advanced technology.

As you may have guessed by now, a double-DIN is twice the size of a single DIN radio. The traditional single DIN design that has been the standard in cars for decades is 8 inches in width and 2 inches in height. The double-DIN is the same width but twice the height, so its dimensions are 8”x4”.

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Easier to Use Interface: With this expanded size has also come expanded capabilities and control options that are often easier to navigate. In the early days, this upgrade was made possible by the introduction of touch screen technology.

You probably remember the days when you saw your first touch screen radio in a car. The initial models had a screen that came out of a single DIN size unit and flipped upwards, making it possible to fit that large of a screen into what was then the standard console size.

Nowadays, car manufacturers have caught up with this technology and come equipped with a double-DIN screen already built into your dashboard. Because the interface is larger, it is much easier to find your way through all of the features and audio options that your stereo offers.

The days of having to try to figure out how to lower the treble based on a few letters on a small screen are now in the past. Even someone who has little to no experience with car stereo technology can now get into a brand new car and easily figure out how to adjust the settings and discover what their stereo is capable of.

New Possibilities: By doubling the size of the radio unit and taking advantage of touch screen technology, double DIN radios are able to do many things that the traditional single DIN design could not. Saving precious space on the unit while also making it bigger enables designers to equip these radios with more features than ever before.

Modern features like GPS navigation and backup cameras could never have been possible before the introduction of the double-DIN radio. Drivers can now get to where they want to go easier and more safely than ever before because they can clearly see the directions and no longer have to turn their heads to know exactly how much space they have behind them.

A double DIN unit also comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so you can access your phone, tablet, or other devices through the head unit. This allows someone in the backseat to control the music while letting the driver keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Your radio console is often connected to controls on your steering wheel so your safety never has to be at risk in order to make an adjustment to your radio. A driver can answer a phone call or change the station without ever taking their hands off the wheel. Some double DIN units even come equipped with voice activation technology so you can simply tell your radio exactly what you want it to do.

Double DIN radio design also allows for the introduction of new media sources to your vehicle. Where you once had only access to radio and CDs, you can now use your radio unit with a USB port, SD card, mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, etc. Making all of these different forms of media compatible in one place gives the driver endless possibilities for entertainment at the tips of their fingers.

Better Sound Quality: For many drivers, the fact that double DIN radios offer better sound quality for your car stereo is its best advantage. It is now easier than ever to find exactly the right settings for your ears.

Upgrading other aspects of your stereo like speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers can be very important to getting your stereo to produce the sound quality you desire. However, any experienced audio specialist will tell you that all of this hardware will not be doing its job properly if you do not have the control system to adjust them. If you are someone who absolutely loves music and can’t live without it on your morning commute, you will be happy to know that your ability to adjust and customize the quality of your music is more advanced than ever!

Extended Compatibility: If you are someone in the market for a new double DIN unit to replace the one that came stock in your vehicle, we have some great news for you! Because of their standard size of 8”x4”, universal double DIN radios can be installed into almost any car that currently has a different double DIN unit.

There is one small concern you must be aware of when shopping for a new head unit; the fascia panel. However, if the radio you are interested in buying is designed to fit the fascia panel in your car, changing out your old double DIN unit for a new one is a quick and simple process.

Double DIN Car RadioDouble DIN Car Radio
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The Design of the Future

As you can see, the Double DIN radio design has allowed manufacturers to provide the consumer with an all-around safer and more enjoyable experience. For now, it seems that further upgrades will build on this design and continue to add more features and capabilities that will help you to make the most of the hours you spend in your car each week. As new advancements in other forms of technology are born, radio and car manufacturers will probably integrate them into your vehicle as they did with touch screens, Bluetooth, and voice activation in the past.

All of this means that double DIN radios have not nearly reached their final form. New technology will almost certainly continue to increase the level of safety and entertainment we are able to enjoy while driving our cars. It is exciting to consider what the future may hold for car audio technology!

Now You Know

Whether you are someone who arrived at this article because you are shopping for a new radio and want to be informed about your purchase or simply interested in-car audio technology, we hope that this guide has addressed all of your questions and concerns. Car radios can be confusing as they are exciting, but with a little knowledge, you can be aware of all the possible advantages and disadvantages of all the products out there on the market. Now you can go deeper into the world of car radios and feel confident with whatever decision you make.

Any Further Questions?

Q. How do I know if the double-DIN radio I want to purchase can fit in my dashboard?

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual and the information about the particular radio should both address the kind of fascia panel they support. It may be even easier to search online for these answers. In the worst-case scenario, contact a local car audio specialist and they can help you to figure out if the two are compatible.

Q. There are so many options for double DIN radios on the market! How do I choose one?

There are several factors such as price, brand, and capabilities that should inform your purchasing decision. You may want to read or watch videos of reviews online so that you can become informed about your possible choices from others who have more knowledge than you do and are passionate about this subject. This should help you feel more confident about making the right decision for you!


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