What is ANT Radio Service? It is not FM or AM!

Well, despite the fact that it is usually confused with usual FM services, it is an entirely different app for your smartphone. No, no… it is okay, you did not know, and the name says it is a radio type. In fact, ANT radio service is created to enable connections between your Android phone and internet of things (IoT) devices. Let’s have a closer look at what is ANT Radio Service.

ANT Radio Service app

Waves of radio that send a wireless signal are completely different from what we talk about today. Ignore the name of it. The ANT Radio Service is an app in mobiles used to connect devices and transmit data.

On a mobile device, the ANT Radio Service app is downloaded immediately. It is in charge of establishing wireless connections with other devices, just like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is the explanation of how sports and fitness equipment may detect your movement and exercise. Sports equipment and ANT Radio Services communicate in the planned algorithm.

It is a perfectly safe app; therefore there is no need to be concerned about its safety.

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So, what is ANT Radio Service? We will help you to know.

What is the use of ANT Radio Service?

As we said, ANT Radio Service works for data transmission. It is basic and acts as a link between Internet and Things gadgets, but alternatively, to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth it has other advantages. This article will inform you about some of them below.

One of the common ones is when you’re an athlete, you want to track the progress to be proud of the results and to keep all of this in one approachable app, then ANT is for you. It works freely with all smartphones, heart monitors and fitness trackers.

Do I need ANT Radio Service on my phone?

It is already there! After the update, all Androids have them in. Other than ANT Radio Services, the limit of the useful applications of the server is not finished here.

The article on the link will help you determine more precisely whether you need the ANT radio service.

Read further to see its pluses.

Android phone

Google Play provides free access to downloading the ANT Radio Service on all Android device makes. Search for it on the Android phone, if not – install it while connecting to devices that require ANT Radio Service.

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Mini conclusion

You will need ANT Radio Service if there is a requirement from the device you are connecting to with your Android phone. Otherwise, people do not need to have it on their Android phones, if the device they are connecting to the Android phone requires it. If not, you do not need to have ANT Radio Service on your smartphone.

Personally, I do not use the ANT Radio Service app a lot, so I do not need it. Think if you also need it or not, and delete it if you wish. But this article describes how Android and external gadgets connect via ANT radio app.

Which devices use ANT Radio Services?

You may require the user guide for any fitness trackers or monitors to determine whether they are compatible with the ANT Radio Service in order to see the complete list of devices.

There is an official directory to identify devices that work with the ANT Radio Service on your Android phone in the settings of the app for Android phones.

If you observe that other services, such as fitness and health trackers, operate remotely without a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, it is quite likely that ANT Radio Service is used by these devices. In some circumstances, this might also include smartwatches.


Is the Ant Radio Service a pre-installed app?

In recent versions of Android phones, ANT Radio Service is a pre-installed app. To check this, you can go to “My Activity” or “Applications” menu, and see if it is listed on the devices. If you used it, it will appear in the recently used. If not – activate it.

After checking the two, you will see that the app has a gray background, it was not used or activated before. But it is installed on your mobile.

Is an Ant Radio Service app a virus or spyware?

People are quite scared in the new world of technology nowadays. There are advantages and disadvantages of the Internet and the applications used, but what outweighs them?

Data integrity is what is a focus today as there are cases of illegal transmission of data from people’s devices to third parties who might use it for fraud, defamation, cyberbullying, or as incrementing evidence.

Sadly, the detection of some Android apps unsafety in installing viruses to Android devices has compromised mobile devices of the make, ANT Radio Service is not one of the virus-catching apps that might appear to be a spying program.

Being an Android application, ANT Radio Service is protected by Google Play policies. The possibility of corruption of data falls down to zero as a result.

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Can I delete ANT plugins service?

If you’re wondering if you can safely delete ANT Radio Service, the answer is YES. However, if you delete ANT Radio Service, any connected devices that require it will no longer talk to your smartphone. 

If you feel like not willing to install the ANT wireless communication because you do not have a fitness device or no space on the mobile device, you can simply delete it.

Once deleted, you can get rid of the Ant Radio Service app using ADB Debugging or an application remover.

Android phones

Most of them suggest installing ANT Radio Service app. They have the same safety system access as their competitors on the iOS system. It is completely free to download and requires ANT wireless communication with sports and fitness devices.

Let’s now see if Samsung and other types of mobiles differ.

Android mobiles using the processing system of version 3.0 or later that support USB functions are:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Xperia T2 Ultra
  • Xperia Z (Sony mobile)
  • Xperia M (Sony mobile)

Besides these devices, Android models such as Nexus and Pixels phones make use of ANT+. Huawei is also on the list. All these models have pre-installed services.

What is ANT+ on Samsung?

The newest Samsung ANT+ is installed. It allows you to view sports and fitness devices, monitor the data in real time, and track your personal progress. It automatically connects to the devices and any third-party Android app via the wireless connection. But the peculiarity of ANT+ is that it is used now to connect to virtual reality glasses headsets.

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Examples of ANT+ are ANT USB stick and Selfloops ANT + accessory.

People are crazy about sports and monitoring the results of their progress, owners of Samsung are no exceptions. Some profiles that are used by Samsung:

  1. Bicycle speed and cadence
  2. Activity (ACT)
  3. Blood pressure (BP)

and others.

ANT+ vs Bluetooth

You must be thinking: “Okay, I have never been using the app ANT+ but I can always employ Bluetooth here”. Let’s see what is the difference.

Bluetooth has a standard connection system to all devices, while ANT+ has not.

ANT+ can connect one thing to various devices, while Bluetooth connects to one only. For example, via ANT+ you connect to three computers at a time. You can see the data in real-time there, while Bluetooth connects it to one PC.

Finally, power is used more by Bluetooth, not by the ANT+ app.

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What is ANT Radio Service? Now you know a little bit about it. It is one of the most popular radio service on Android. Not many people use ANT though or even know about it. Some confused radio service on Android with FM radio.

Don’t immediately uninstall the pre-installed ANT Radio Service on your Android phone because you believe it to be malware. It’s a reliable app that enables wireless communication between your Android phone and other gadgets.

With ANT Radio Service, your phone can read data from your smartwatch, heart rate monitor, and other sensors, which is its primary use in fitness and sports. If you are wondering if it is possible to block radio waves in your home, we are prepared for you an equally interesting article by the link.


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