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There are several communications apps installed for radio service on Android and external gadgets, including the SKMS Agent Service App and the ANT radio service app. Actually, seeing the ANT radio service on Samsung phones. Many people wonder if they really need the app, mostly because they don’t tune in to radio services.

What does application mean? And we forgive you for making assumptions, primarily due to the nature of the application name. However, this article tries to clear things up by explaining what the ANT radio service app is and how to uninstall it. Along with other things about this seems to be a strange app.

What are the ANT Radio services?

The ANT radio service is not what most somebody believes it is. Behind seeing it on their phones, somebody wrongly considers a radio streaming service. It has zero to do with AM radio or FM.

The abbreviation ANT radio services stand for Advanced and Adaptive Network Technology. It is an ultra-ignoble-power wireless transmission protocol that allows the transfer of data between apparatuses.

It operates in largely the same manner as Bluetooth, with some technological distinctions. The ANT radio service allows you to build private networks utilizing 2.4 GHz appliances, the exact frequency as Wi-Fi. For this cause, a unique mobile device with Wi-Fi abilities can even utilize ANT radio services.

So, what is the purpose of the ANT radio services on an Android phone, and how is it different from other requires ANT wireless communication? Here’s everything you need to know.

Is the ANT Radio services spyware?

On some smartphones, you have probably seen the ANT services pre-installed. This can be a concern, especially if you don’t see the FM radio app on the same device.

The right item is that this app is not spyware in any manner and will not follow everything you accomplish. The ANT radio services app will even not bother you if you are not utilizing it.

It employs nearly no RAM and assumes up just rare megabytes of remembrance. You can go it on your Android device without seeing any version contrast.

If you have a mobile device from Huawei, Google, or Samsung, you may notice that your smartphone manufacturer has pre-installed the app.

Do I need an ANT Radio for Android?

One of the many questions we often get from customers and users about an ant radio service application is whether or not an application is really needed. Well, the simple answer to that is a straightforward no: you don’t need it. However, if you have sports and fitness devices, you will definitely need the ANT radio services app.

However, you can check other app stores, other than the Google Play Store, for another third-party android app to connect fitness trackers to your Android phone if you don’t want to use the regular app, the ant radio service app.

What does ANT+ plugins service do?

Like NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, most Android phones installed reach with ANT plug-ins inaugurated by the manufacturer. While some Android devices may not keep this assistance due to the absence of required hardware. Therefore, establishing ANT plugins on such appliances is worthless.

In that matter, why does the Play Store supply ANT plugins for download? These apps are for Android device users who have an ANT-enabled dongle. This pivotal includes the required hardware for your apparatus to utilize the ANT radio service.

Also, the app you download from the Play Store is a driver, not a regular app. So, after downloading it, you may not see it among other applications.

Also, Android phones user don’t need to update the app manually. The device manufacturer usually sends software updates to their Android phone frequently, and ANT radio service plugins are part of these updates.

Why is ANT Radio Service on my phone?

Having dealt with the ANT radio service app, you are probably wondering if you have it installed on your Android phone.

There is a high probability of this. And the only way to be sure of this is to check the activity log in the My Activity menu of your device. If it is pre-installed, you will see it in the list of recently used applications, i.e., whether you have used it.

Alternatively, you can check “Settings” then “Apps” and if the app is pre-installed, you should see it next to other apps. If, after checking the two, you notice that it is among other applications, such as the IMS service, but has a gray background.

It just means that the ANT radio app is inside the device but not activated. You can activate it immediately after the installation is complete. Or if you have a fitness machine that you want to connect to your smartphone for wireless data transmission.

What is ANT Plus?

ANT+ (ANT Plus) is a technology for secure wireless data transmission, for example, using ANT USB Stick, designed for use in sports equipment (heart rate monitors, bike computers, etc.). ANT+ features interoperability features that can be added to the core ANT protocol.

What is the use of ANT+ on Samsung?

The major places apps of the ANT radio service are health, sports, and fitness tracking systems. For instance, you may relate a heart rate monitor or smartwatch to your Android phone.

The bond procedure affects pairing two appliances. The pairing technique can vary relying on the appliance manufacturer. So, it’s more useful to read the instruction foremost.

After being coupled, the phone works as a show and depository area for the collected data. Though, you ought to establish a fitness app to manage your data.

Be aware that not all tracking devices use ANT radio service communications. But if you have a device from Garmin, most likely it uses this technology.

The ANT radio service app has nothing to do with AM or FM radio

You have to shake off the idea that the ANT radio service app emphasizes AM or FM radio services. The term “radio” is broad, if not expansive, meaning a wireless signal.

This means that in addition to tuning into AM or FM radio stations, a lot more is required. Of all the functions, the data transmission aspect of the ANT radio service is especially important.

How to disable ANT Radio service on Android devices?

If you don’t like a third-party Android app ANT Radio Service to function on your appliance, you can turn it off it in your apparatus settings. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Applications and select it.
  • Find the entry “ANT Radio Service” in the list. Touch it.
  • Select the Disable button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click “OK” at the prompt that appears.

By pursuing the steps, you were capable to turn off the ANT Radio Service app. If you desire to turn on it at any moment, obey the same operation, that is listed above.

You can also find the “ANT Plugin Service” application and disable it. These two applications are closely related.

Can I uninstall the ANT radio service app?

Some Android phones arrive with the ANT radio app pre-installed. Somebody attempted to delete it, feeling its power to be ANT radio service spyware. Others don’t enjoy supporting apps they don’t operate on their phones. They can determine that the app will utilize resources such as inner recollection, battery, and CPU.

This may be true for most applications. But the ANT radio service app is a driver that takes up less than 5 MB of phone memory. Also, it’s a dedicated app that only runs when you use it. When you are not using ANT radio service, it does not consume resources such as battery and RAM.

As said before, the radio service operates extra lower power. For this cause, battery consumption is generally down actually when the service is operating. In acquisition, tracking appliances utilizing this technology may use for better than a year on coin cell batteries.

If your phone arrived with the ANT radio service pre-installed, you cannot be capable to uninstall it. You may attempt spinning it off in the settings. But if you downloaded the app yourself, odds are you may uninstall it. If you delete it, nobody will happen to your phone. While you will forfeit the wireless link via the ANT radio service.


If you see that the ANT radio service is pre-installed on your Android phone, don’t run to delete it, believing it is spyware. This is a fair app that lets your Android phone intercommunication with other gadgets wirelessly.

The direct help of the ANT radio service is for sports and fitness, letting your phone read data from your smartwatch, heart rate monitor, and other sensors.

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