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The Internet is a worldwide communication system. Technology has changed the face of the world. Now everyone has access to everything in the world. They rightly say that “The world has become a global village”. Here you will find an account of the ultimate wonders of Internet Radio. Yes, Internet Radio is a device that transmits digital audio signals through the Internet from the speaker to the listeners.

The origin of Internet radio dates back to 1993. However, the year 2017 experienced the introduction of the popular platforms including Tuneln Radio, Pandora radioSiriusXM, and iHeartRadio. Today, Pandora and SiriusXM are the market leaders when it comes to the entertainment industry through audio media. They have the fan following of millions of listeners across the globe.

So, here, I will explain to you what is Radio Internet, how you can use it as a user, and what are its advantages. Moreover, as you can make money through web radio, here I will enlighten you about how you can start your own web radio channel and the advantages as a broadcaster.

What is Internet Radio?

The alternate names for Internet radio are e-radio, online radio, web radio, webcasting, net radio, streaming radio, IP radio. All you need is a broadband connection or WiFi and Bluetooth connection rather than traditional radio and there you go, ready to listen to programs, talk shows, news, weather, and music from thousands of Web Radio stations.

Well, it is the latest technological invention in radio broadcasting. There is so much need for this advanced technology to keep yourself updated. Besides, you can also stream your favorite music channels to have a thrill in your life.

How does webcasting work?

Well, the basic requirement to listen to the web radio is the internet. It depends on how the device work. Yes, some of the internet radios simply play your favorite music if you have a wifi connection. However, there are some other devices that work only if you pair them up with an app on your cell.

As a general practice, you can enjoy your favorite content on the web radio on your desktop, Music system, Digital Receiver, Tablet, or similar devices. Yes, all you do is contact some internet radio portal using the compatible player program from the particular station’s webpage.

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Benefits of Internet Radio Important for Listeners/Users?

  • Variety of content:

Well, Web Radio gives you more choices with excellent sound quality, and you can listen to your favorite stations from anywhere in any country in the world for free. All you need to have is a working internet connection and a Web radio app and you are all ready to go. You can choose from a myriad of music and stuff including streaming services, online talk shows, podcasts, and classic AM/FM radio. Moreover, you just need Web Radio apps for listening to your music and programs.

  • Excellent Sound Quality:

Yes! You will surely discard your traditional radio and shift to online streaming because of the advanced features and qualities it possesses. Not just this, you can get good sound quality closer to CD without any interference of background noise and distraction.

  • Easy Accessibility:

Besides, Web Radio allows its listeners to stream media from all over the world. No wonder why, it has become a great source of entertainment for their listeners and a choice to select the channels. Yes! You can also easily stream your favorite media from anywhere in the world. So, who would like to miss their informative programs, talk shows, news, weather, and even music on the go?

Nowadays, the Internet is available almost anywhere, and that is why web radio is getting popular. Well, the main difference lies in the transmission and technology. The traditional radio employs electromagnetic waves technology while the Web Radio is transmitted through the Internet.

  • Fewer Advertisements:

Unlike the conventional radio stations, you get a better listening experience when it comes to the webcasting. Yes, if you are fed up with the advertisements when you tune into your radio, you need to switch to web radio. Here you will have zero interruption while you are listening to your favorite music.

  • The excellent mean of communication:

You can even take live calls on your radio station by installing different software such as Skype to interact with your listeners. Moreover, the skype in phone number is useful if you want your listeners to access your show from a landline or cell phone.

  • Portable and Accessorized:

The web radio is typically portable and lightweight, which means you can carry it along with you anywhere anytime. In addition, the latest models of such radios come with all the basic features including a clock and alarms. So, you have an all-in-one device making it easy for you to move around.

  • Extended features:

Not just this, you can enjoy the luxury of having the internal speakers, by virtue of which you do not need to have hook-up speakers or a pair of headphones to listen to your favorite stuff. In addition, you can have the history of your favorite music and radio stations on the radio.

Similarly, there is a feature of playback the stored music which you can do with a mere press of a button. In addition, the features of encoding and live streaming make Internet radio even more fun.

Internet Radio

How to Start an Internet Radio Station?

B08M8FNV34.01. SCLZZZZZZZ SX500Yes, you can start up your radio station, which is easier than an FM radio. Webcasting is not regulated by FCC, and you can start it on your own from anywhere in the world. However, you would just need a computer, internet connection, and reliable radio broadcasting software to run your radio station.

Besides, I will tell you how web or online radio works. Well, there is a need for these three factors that you should know before starting your radio station.

  • Studio:

It is up to you whether you are going to transform your spare room into a studio. Moreover, your portable computer and laptop can also serve as your studio.

  • Broadcast source:

Yes! Of course, your online listeners can only listen to your radio station while connected to a radio server. But the radio server will take your transmission to those online listeners who are connected to you right now. It is the broadcast source of your radio transmission.

Startup Guide To Internet Broadcasting: Startup Guide To Internet Broadcasting will show you how to start your own, Internet Broadcast, TV, Radio station, Webcast, Podcast
  • Listeners:

Indeed, here comes your listeners who play a significant role in your transmission. There are two types of listeners: passive listeners and active listeners. The passive listeners are those who just listen to their favorite songs and programs and don’t pay attention to other updates and activities. Whereas the active listeners are more involved with your station’s activities while listening to your stream, participating in different activities on social media, also takes a huge interest to buy radio products.

How does Internet Radio make money?

Well, as your audience will grow, you may look for ways to start monetizing your radio station. Moreover, this can help to provide operating costs, a new device, or even your own living expense. Here are some tips to make money from your internet station.

  • Step-1
    You can use radio ads and banner ads while asking local brands to advertise their products through your station. Besides this, you can also make a live announcement during your programs to introduce their products.
  • Step-2
    Yes! You can set up an account with Google AdSense to monetize your station to earn more money. This includes featuring ads on your website and blog, from which you will receive an amount when any reader clicks on your ads.

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    How to Set Up, Run and Make Money from an Internet Radio Station
  • Step-3
    Indeed, there is another way to make money which is by finding affiliate partners. For instance, if you talk about sports like football and basketball during your show, then through affiliate partnerships with sports brands, you can promote and advertise their products through your station. Read more What AM radio station is the World Series on
  • Step-4
    Well, another incredible way to make money from your station is to sell your merchandise while making your station’s logo on t-shirts, hats, pens, notebooks, and other stylish stuff. It will undoubtedly, attract more customers who like your station very much. All you need to do is to provide the best quality stuff to wear.

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Advantages for the broadcasters:

  • Minimal start-up cost:

Start-ups of all sorts require a lot of capital to invest, however, if you want to make money through webcasting, you do not need large investments. Yes, this is true, you can start your own webcast at the minimum possible cost. All you need is to have a computer, a pair of microphones and a working internet connection.

  • Low operating costs:

As you intend to earn money through webcasting, you need to consider the expenses involved here. For that matter, we have good news for you as running an online channel does not cost you a lot. Yes, the costs of hosting, royalties to advertisements, and internet costs can easily be covered once you go on air.

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Media Selling: Television, Print, Internet, Radio
  • Access to International listeners:

When you go online with your content, you are reaching out to a vast audience across the globe. This is the biggest world where you can communicate and inspire with your content, especially with the increasing use of smartphones and other gadgets, you are free to upload anything, anywhere, and for everybody.

  • Audience Insights:

This is not just that you simply webcast your content and that is it! Unlike the conventional radio, you can have the exact statistics about the progress and reach out to your channel. Yes, you can have the insights about the number of times, and duration for which a listener has tuned in to your channel. This gives you an opportunity to improve your content in the light of the progress. Moreover, the listeners’ feedback shapes the future plans for you.

FAQs of the Internet Radio

Q-1. How to play Web Radio on the home stereo?

You can play Web Radio on your home stereo with the help of a Wi-Fi network. Instead of accepting radio signals from local broadcast stations, it connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi networks and plays internet audio transmission through its speakers.

Q-2. How to record Internet Radio on PC?

If you want to record your favorite songs and shows from online streaming, you just need to have VLC Media Player and RealPlayer on your computer. Yes! In this way, you can save and record your favorite segment to hear it later.

Q-3. How to pay royalties for Internet Radio?

Yes! You have to pay the royalties for broadcasting your transmission through your radio station. Because if you are playing the other artists’ material, then you need to pay a royalty to them. The reason is, you cannot use their material without taking permission from them. It is illegal.

Q-4. How much data does Internet Radio use?

Here are the details of data usage per hour through webcasting

  • 64 kbps = 28.8 MB per hour
  • 128kbps = 57.6 MB per hour
  • 256 kbps = 115.2 MB per hour
  • 320 kbps = 144 MB per hour
  • Listening radio only one hour each day for 30 days will lead you to 1.7 GB

Q-5. How much data does Internet Radio use of smartphones?

Well, radio apps use data while streaming via the Internet. Similarly, all you have to do is to keep an eye on your data usage, which depends on many factors like bit-rate, which influences the quality of sound. Moreover, for listening to music on your smartphone, you will personally find 64bits/s is pretty good.

Q-6. How many registered users does Pandora Internet Radio have?

Currently, Pandora Web Radio is only available to its users in America, Australia, and New Zealand. It has increased the number of its active users to 81 million, which are growing more and more with every passing day.

Q-7. How do I connect my ham radio to the Internet?

Ham radio does not connect to the Internet directly. However, they might be compatible with the Internet via USB cable and computer. The Internet is great for ham radios to listen to music from all over the world. Indeed, you need to just have access to an internet connection to connect to your ham radio.

Q-8. How to get Internet Radio on iTunes?

Well, you can use your iTunes to listen to and enjoy music streamed live over the Internet; also, you can listen to the spoken programs through iTunes.

  • Select the Internet Radio in the sidebar on the left of the iTunes app.
  • To watch the available stations, click the triangle next to the type of music you need to listen to.
  • Double click a station to tune in.


So, there you go! How you have all the necessary information you need to have about the Web radio. Yes! The internet is an undisputed wonder of the modern world which has made everything so accessible and enjoyable.

Thanks to the latest technological advances which have gifted us yet another invention in the form of the web radio. So, enjoy your favorite music using the internet radio.

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