What radio station are the Milwaukee Bucks game on?

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As the National Basketball Association (NBA) season started in October 2021, lots of games can be expected in the upcoming days. Above all, the lovers of the Milwaukee Bucks will be able to enjoy listening to or watching their favorite club play, as they climb to the top.

Since this basketball season is entertaining and very important to all of the Basketball lovers, we will be giving you information about where you can listen to the Milwaukee Bucks’ games. In fact, the most popular radio station is called the WTMJ/620 in Milwaukee. Moreover, today, we will be talking about all of the radio stations which will broadcast these games.

Let’s begin!

What radio station is the bucks game on?

Station City State Frequency
WTMJ AM Milwaukee WI 620

Who are the Milwaukee Bucks?

The Milwaukee Bucks is a name that represents a professionally trained basketball team that originally comes from Milwaukee. They are actually very popular, competitive, and well-known in the basketball universe.

This team recently won the league championship, which has not happened since 1971. If you are not familiar with this team, maybe you would recognize their mascot, the Bango.

Built for This: The Milwaukee Bucks' Historic Run to the 2021 NBA Title Paperback – August 3, 2021 by The Athletic (Author)
Built for This: The Milwaukee Bucks’ Historic Run to the 2021 by The Athletic; Photo: amazon

Where to listen to the Milwaukee Bucks games?

As you could have assumed, Milwaukee Bucks games can be streamed on radios. Just as any other basketball games out there, these ones are also available for listening. Of course, depending on your location, the availability of these radio stations may be limited. However, there’s no need to worry about that, as there’s an existing alternative that you can use in order to tune into your favorite basketball matches.

Now, let’s see all of the places where you can listen to the Milwaukee Bucks games.

The top radio stations which broadcast the Milwaukee Bucks’ games

So, if you are a local, or you live somewhere in Milwaukee, you have the ability to listen to their games for free on different radio stations. The most popular choice among the locals is the WTMJ/620 in Milwaukee radio station.

Besides this radio station, you can also find others that have a streaming program of all of the latest NBA games. For example, you will be able to listen to the Bucks’ game on the BNO Harris Bucks Radio Network. This is their official radio station where all of the games will be streamed and recorded. If you want to see a full list of the BNO Harris Bucks Radio station, and all of their frequencies, you can click on this link right here.

At the list, which we have linked above, you will run into radio stations such as WTLX, WOMT, WTMJ, and WPRE, which are all of the stations that will make sure every minute of the game is covered and streamed across the US.

List of the Milwaukee Bucks Radio Network (branded as the BMO – Harris Bucks Radio Network)

Station City State Frequency
WHBY AM Appleton WI 1150
WHBY FM Appleton WI 103.5/106.3
WAYY AM Eau Claire WI 790
WAYY FM Eau Claire WI 105.1
KFIZ AM Fond Du Lac WI 1450
WNFL AM Green Bay WI 1440
WNFL FM Green Bay WI 101.9
WCLO AM Janesville WI 1230
WCLO FM Janesville WI 92.7
WKTY AM LA Crosse WI 580
WKTY FM La Crosse WI 96.7
WTLX FM Madison WI 100.5
WOMT AM Manitowoc WI 1240
WTMJ AM Milwaukee WI 620
WPRE AM Prairie Du Chien WI 980
WPRE FM Prairie Du Chien WI 104.3
WJMC AM Rice Lake WI 1240
WRIG AM Wausau WI 1390
WRIG FM Wausau WI 93.9
WJMS AM Ironwood MI 590

Streaming online

Of course, if you do not possess any type of radio device, you have nothing to worry about! Most of the mentioned-above radio stations have their own streaming services online. In other words, this means that you will be able to tune into your favorite matches wherever you are. As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a PC nearby, you will always be able to follow your favorite basketball matches.

If you are wondering how is that possible, well the answer is quite simple. Nowadays, most of the radio stations have their online streaming services. Usually, all of them have a working website online, where they also possess the ability to stream their services online.

In other words, all that you have to do is to search for your radio station’s website online, find their website, find the streaming button, and press play! It’s quite easy, and a very effective solution.

This way, you will always have the ability to listen to the news, matches, and all other radio programs just with a few taps on your phone!

If you somehow miss the game due to your personal reasons, you will always have the ability to search the game up online on different streaming services and to watch it. People almost always upload parts of the game on YouTube, and on similar streaming services. So, if an important game was playing, and you missed it, don’t worry, you can still watch its best moments!

Final thoughts of what radio station is the Milwaukee Bucks game on?

If you are a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team, we suggest that you prepare yourself on time for the upcoming games in the NBA league. You now know all of the radio stations which will be streaming the game on their frequencies, so make sure to tune into them if you cannot watch the game live on your TV.

So, don’t miss any of the upcoming games of the Milwaukee Bucks, be prepared on time, and enjoy streaming all of the upcoming NBA matches!

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Q-1. What radio station are the NBA playoffs off?

You could tune into the NBA playoffs on the ESPN Radio stations. To be more precise, as there are multiple ESPN radio stations out there, the one on the 104.5 will be broadcasting the games.

Q-2. Where can I listen to the Bucks game?

We have listed a couple of radio stations that usually stream the Milwaukee Bucks’ games. Check the full list, and get more information above!

Q-3. What place does Milwaukee Bucks take in the Eastern Conference?

Milwaukee Bucks have secured their 10th spot in the Eastern Conference.

Q-4. Where can I see the latest updates of the Milwaukee Bucks’ games?

Results of the Milwaukee Bucks games are frequently being updated on the official NBA website. However, you will be able to find match results anywhere online, as long as you search for them and their opponents.

Q-5. Where can I find updates on the next upcoming Milwaukee Bucks games?

If you want to listen to or watch the next scheduled Milwaukee Bucks game, you can search for it online. On top of that, online radio stations usually have their program prepared upfront, so you can always search for the selected radio station and their program to see when will the next game be broadcast.

Q-6. How can I listen to the Milwaukee Bucks game?

The Milwaukee Bucks play on the AM 620 sports station. This is a local radio station that can be received in the Milwaukee area. The games can also be streamed online at the team’s website, bucks.com. There is a charge for this service, but it allows fans to listen to the games live regardless of where they are located.

Q-7. What is the score of the Milwaukee Bucks game?

The Milwaukee Bucks are playing the Utah Jazz and the score is currently 98-85 in favor of the Jazz. The game is being broadcast on WTMJ 620 AM.

The Milwaukee Bucks are playing the Minnesota Timberwolves and the score is currently 99-96, in favor of the Timberwolves. The game is on Fox Sports Wisconsin and can be heard at 620 AM.


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