Which radio station is playing Christmas music in Milwaukee?

B93.3 FM, is the 1st radio station in Milwaukee to play Christmas music this year. Let the holiday cheer begin with your friends and family.
which radio station is playing christmas music in milwaukeeA month and a half separate us from Christmas, which means that now is the perfect time to embrace the holiday atmosphere and mood and to start enjoying all of the little and magical things that the holiday season brings us. With the glow of the lights that will soon create a holiday atmosphere on the streets of the cities we live in, Christmas carols will drive the Grinch within us and create a holiday atmosphere wherever we are.

In order for your Christmas enthusiasm to follow you wherever you may go, all you need is to listen to a good Christmas music playlist. That’s why, today, we will inform you of all of the radio stations in Milwaukee which will be blasting Christmas music non-stop! However, you probably know about the B93.3 radio station one, which always plays Christmas tunes!

B93.3 – A radio station that you will love this holiday season

which radio station is playing christmas music in milwaukee
B93.3 by Futuri Media; Photo: amazon.com

Last year, the B93.3 radio station from Milwaukee, surprised the residents by blasting of Christmas music for almost two months! Luckily, this year, Christmas music will also be heart from the broadcasts of this radio station. Inf act, B93.3 will be broadcasting Christmas soundtracks every day, 24 hours a day. From Christmas classics, to new editions of your favorite Christmas songs, B93.3 will allow you to really enjoy, sing and spread the Christmas spirit all day long!

B93.3 will not spend time on various news and commercials, but will introduce its listeners to the pre-holiday magic every day by playing the biggest Christmas hits which you will enjoy on the upcoming cold days.

Mariah Carey will start to defrost with her hit song “All I want for Christmas is you,” but you will be able to welcome back the Wham! And the beloved “Last Christmas” worldwide hit. Basically, all of the world’s most popular Christmas music will be heart from the speakers of B93.3 in Milwaukee!

The team from the B93.3 thought that everyone needs a little bit of Christmas cheer after the year we all just had. Especially with the whole pandemic situation and the worldwide lockdowns. This tradition of playing Christmas songs on this radio station has begun last year, again, as a form of cheering the residents up and bringing some joy and a glimpse of the holiday spirit into their lives. Even though they have started playing Christmas songs earlier last year, in October, to be more precise, you will be able to hear all of your favorite Christmas carols this November up until the New Year’s Eve. So, make sure to enjoy this opportunity, and to give yourself some time to relax while listening to your favorite songs!

If you are interested in listening to the B93.3 radio station, but you don’t have a radio nearby, don’t worry! This radio station is available on the internet as well. You can click here to gain access to it and to start getting yourself into the holiday mood!

Of course, the celebration of Christmas would not be the same without music, so it’s only natural that the editors of the B93.3 radio have prepared a list of songs which will be absolute December hits for the holidays!

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The ultimate Christmas hits

Soon enough, Christmas music will once again fill in the latest Rolling Stone list of the 100 most listened songs of the month. It’s finally time to bring back the traditional song of “All I want For Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey back to the first place again!

Usually, the second song on the Ultimate Christmas Hits list takes the “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” tune by Brenda Lee, which is almost always followed by “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms.

The eruption of these songs is usually followed by dozens of memes on social media. TikTok has surely brought a lot of population and dozens of streams to these songs last year, as many hopped on the trend to record videos to their favorite Christmas tunes.

Final thoughts

We cannot wait to finally feel the Christmas spirit everywhere we look! It’s never too soon to start preparing for the holiday season. We should definitely take notes from the Milwaukee’s B93.3 radio station and start listening to our favorite Christmas tunes which often bring us joy.

Hopefully, other radio stations will follow their steps and start playing Christmas songs as well, to bring us into the right holiday spirit!

Of course, if you are not a big fan of Christmas, and if you are annoyed by the Christmas mood that usually starts earlier and earlier every year, then this news is not really good for you! But, don’t be such a Grinch! Relax, take a hot drink, and listen to the Christmas classics, and let the holiday spirit take over you!

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  1. Are any Milwaukee radio stations playing Christmas music?

Yes, the first radio station to start playing Christmas songs in Milwaukee is the B93.3 FM radio station. They have begun their tradition back in 2020, but luckily for us, they will also blast Christmas hits this year too!

  1. Where can I listen to Christmas music for free?

There are dozens of free streaming services available on the internet. You can search for Christmas music on YouTube, or on Spotify. Many Spotify users create their own Christmas playlists, which you can save and listen to whenever you feel like it! On top of that, depending on your location, many radio stations are changing their broadcasts to Christmas songs. So, you should also do a little bit of research about that.

  1. Are there any radio stations that play Christmas music all year round?

As shocking as it may seem, yes, there are a few worldwide radio stations that do play Christmas songs for the whole year. Namely, the Evergreen Online Streaming Player plays Christmas music 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

  1. What station is heart Xmas?

The heart Xmas is a London free Internet Radio service which is located at the 106.3 FM frequency. You can access it online.

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