Which Icom antenna tuner would be the best if you wanted to set up a long wire in a tree?

Which Icom antenna tuner is the best choice for setting up a long wire in the trees is one of the most popular questions (and variations of it) we have been frequently asked over the years since starting this technology board. Today, we are finally going to answer it.

We have found the perfect Icom antenna tuner, it’s in fact the ICOM AH4 13 Auto Tuner. This tuner has everything a modern user of a modern antenna might need.

But before we start with the review of the Icom tuner, let us explain what an antenna tuner actually is, so that our newer audience can understand why they are used and the importance of this question.

What are antenna tuners? What is their purpose?

An antenna tuner is used to improve the power transfer between a radio transmitter and the antenna it is attached to. It does this by matching the impedance of the radio and the antenna. The antenna tuner must be attached between the radio device and the antenna. They are frequently used in conjunction with transmitters. The antenna tuning can also be automatic. This type of tuner is usually used in mobile phones, amateur radio transceivers, land mobile, and some other cases.

So, which one is the best?

When it comes to the Icom brand, we think you can do no wrong with the ICOM AH4 13 Auto Tuner.

Which Icom antenna tuner would be the best if you wanted to set up a long wire in a tree?

First released in 2013 this antenna tuner has served well for the past eight years and shows no signs of stopping. The Japanese company blew it out of the water with this device. It is designed to work perfectly with selected Icom transceivers. These include 703, 703+, 706 MkIIG, 746, 746Pro, 756, and 756Pro. Its rugged construction allows it to be somewhat more tolerant of adverse weather conditions (some users have even used it successfully in arctic conditions!) which combined with its automatic tuner makes it quite easy for amateur use. It has a decent weight of 2.87 kilograms (approx. 6.327 pounds), and its dimensions are 12.5 x 42.2 x 17.8 in centimeters or 4.9 x 16.6 x 7 in inches (length x height x width).

On top of all of that, this tuner might have a range of around 6 to 80 meters. But, have in mind that longer wires might get the range up to 150 meters. We also must mention that this tuner works perfectly on all bands, and can easily connect to the signal.

So, to mention again, this Icom AH4 13 Autotuner is an automatic tuner that has a very wide range. It’s specially designed to fit any of the Icom antennas, but it will probably be able to connect to some other, branded antenna. With this antenna by your side, you will easily be able to have a stable signal, and easily connect the tuner to your antenna. There are dozens of benefits this antenna tuner may bring you, but more about that in the continuation of this article.

ICOM AH4 13 Auto Tuner specifications

DC Power Required
Inductor Type Automatic
Tuner Capacitors Automatic
Tuner Bypass Switch None
Internal Balun Type None
Tuner Maximum Power Rating 120 watts
Internal Dummy Load None
Internal Balun Type None
Mobile Whip Tuner Yes
Price Around $300

Who’s this antenna tuner for?

This antenna tuner will be the best choice for people who are looking for a good device that will surely enable them a constant flow and reception of good signals in the long wires.

What are the benefits of having this antenna tuner?

There are dozens of benefits that you will receive if you decide to purchase this antenna. The main one is the stable, good quality signal reception which will be guaranteed to you. On top of that, the tuning of your antenna would be a piece of cake!

Why should you consider purchasing this antenna tuner?

As mentioned before, this Icom antenna tuner is one of the best antenna tuners on the market. With this tuner by your side, you will be able to have a stable signal reception, even if you decide to set it up high in the trees, or low on the ground.

What do the buyers say?

If you are still unsure about buying this product, we will also share some words from past buyers. Namely, most of the buyers have said that the tuner was very easy to use, and set up. As some of the buyers aren’t specialists in this field, they have also mentioned that the tuner is super amateur friendly.

Some previous buyers have even adored this Icom antenna tuner so much that they keep returning to buy another device of this type, multiple ones too! Some comments that really caught our attention are regarding the working duration of this tuner. We couldn’t help but notice that buyers are praising this tuner, saying that it has been working flawlessly for a few years after using it. What’s left for us is to see if this tuner will work just as well for us.

ICOM AH4 13 Auto Tuner

Final thoughts

All in all, this Icom antenna tuner which we have presented you with today, is one of the best antenna tuners on the market. We absolutely recommend it and believe that it won’t disappoint you at all. So, if you have been looking for a new antenna tuner to make your signal reception better, don’t hesitate to check this one out.

Thank you for joining us here today! Until next time!


  1. What does impedance mean?

Electrical impedance is the name given to the combined opposition of the resistance and reactance to the alternating current flowing through an electrical circuit.

  1. Are there any synonyms to the name antenna tuner?

There are plenty, this can cause some confusion when you are looking to buy without much prior experience. When looking for an antenna tuner do not be surprised if you hear it being referred to as a: matching network, antenna coupler, matchbox, antenna tuning unit (or ATU), feedline coupler, antenna impedance matching unit, trans match, or feedline coupler.

  1. Are there any alternatives to this device?

Quality tuners are hard to find but we have heard positive responses about MFJ-941E MFJ941E MFJ Enterprises Original HF Antenna Tuner and LDG Electronics AT-200PROII Automatic Antenna Tuner

  1. Does an antenna tuner improve reception?

Unfortunately, the antenna tuner doesn’t make that big of a difference with reception towards the other antennas on the market.

  1. Do antenna tuners work?

The answer to this question is very simple, the antenna tuner does indeed increase the power from the transmitter all the way to the transmission line, so, therefore, yes, the antenna tuners do work.

  1. Does the Icom 718 have a built-in antenna tuner?

Affirmative, the product does have a built-in antenna tuner, the AH-4 control circuit.

  1. Does the Icom 7100 have a built -n antenna tuner?

This model unfortunately doesn’t have a built-in tuner. But luckily, it has a jack to connect to multiple tuners, and also there are third-party automatic tuners that plug straight in. If you connect one of the tuners, there’s a handy button to activate them.

  1. Do I really need an antenna tuner?

Antenna tuners are considered as important tools, they can keep your rig fully protected even when your initial antenna system is not fully set up yet. There are of course many different options and it’s all up to you to decide what you desire.
But yes, primarily you should have an antenna tuner since it normally helps with the reception a lot.

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