The Uniden PRO401HH Review [A professional 40-channel Handheld CB radio]

This Uniden PRO401HH handheld CB radio has the ability to deliver you a good quality signal no matter your location! Even if you are on a hike, picnic, or in the woods, and on the road, you will be equipped with a strong signal at all times!

No need to worry about your batteries running out of power- this CB radio will inform you when it’s time to recharge or change them!

Let’s jump right into the Uniden PRO401HH review part of the article, and see all of the great things that this radio can do.

The Uniden PRO401HH Review [A professional 40 channel Handheld CB radio]


In-depth Uniden PRO401HH review

Uniden PRO401HHWe cannot hide it- we adore this handheld CB radio. It is generally a high-quality radio with loads of standard, basic features. You are about to see all of them in the review part. It has the ability to enable you strong signals whenever you go; this is pretty awesome! What do we like about this handheld CB radio?

  • It has a practical, lightweight design and dimensions
  • The signal strength remains the same at all times
  • It has a generally good performance
  • The weather alert function is helpful
  • The battery life is very long

Let’s start right ahead by describing the Uniden PRO401HH’s features, as well as performance!

Design and Features of the Uniden PRO401HH

Let’s say that the Uniden PRO401HH has an amazing and very practical design. Namely, its dimensions are very much proportional which means that it can easily fit into your hand and be carried around. The weight of it is also very convenient. Namely, it weighs only around one pound which is a great thing since it can be used easily.

This CB radio will make sure that you are always connected to the signal by keeping it strong the whole time. The range of it is actually pretty amazing there is no chance that it will lose the signal.

Unlike some of the other Uniden radios, this handheld CB radio is designed to be used by regular citizens- (the CB stands for citizen band radio service), which means that this mobile radio has the ability to operate on 40CB frequencies as well as stations.
Design and Features of the Uniden PRO401HH
Due to the wonderful NOAA weather alert feature, you will be always able to stay safe no matter where you go. This feature, with the combination of the Dual watch feature, will have the ability to inform you of all of the dangerous or unpredicted weather threats that are coming your way. The Dual Watch feature is there to also lets you enjoy listening to one radio station while paying attention to the other one that might have caught your interest.


Performance of the Uniden PRO401HH

When talking about this CB radio’s performance, we must mention the awesome batteries that it works on. Namely, these batteries are able to last for hours before needing another recharge. The great thing is that the user has the ability to place rechargeable (9AA Ni-MH) batteries into the unit, or alkaline ones if they prefer them more. The DC cable comes with the unit, while the AC power adapter does not have.

Let’s also not forget to mention that one of the best features of this CB radio is the low-power setting. This setting enables the unit to conserve battery power and make sure that their life is longer so that the user does not have to constantly change, or recharge the batteries.

We have noticed that this CB radio has a great range, and the ability to keep the signal strong no matter its location of it. We actually loved that about it, and give it a huge plus because of it. In conclusion, we can easily say that its overall performance was more than satisfying.

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Highlighted features

  • This is a handheld CB radio
  • It has a low power setting to make the battery last longer
  • This CB radio is designed for citizens
  • It operates on 40CB frequencies
  • It has the ability to keep the signal strength at all times
  • It is very lightweight and has practical dimensions
  • The batteries which it uses are rechargeable
  • The AC adapter does not come with the unit
  • This is an NOAA weather alert radio
  • It has a long range for receiving signals
  • The design of it is very modern
about Uniden PRO401HH

Our Take and thought about Uniden PRO401HH

What’s a review article without the opinion of the reviewer? We are about to see why we love this radio so much, and why should you decide to buy it for yourself.

Is Uniden PRO401HH handheld CB radio any good?

Due to the affordable price of this CB handheld radio, some might think that it is not that good. Let’s be real here, a lot of radios that have a cheap price often end up having bad quality, which is totally not the case with this CB radio. On the contrary, this might be one of the best and cheapest handheld CB radios that we got the chance to test out so far.

You have seen all of the features that it has, and they are pretty much the basic feature that any kind of handheld CB radio should contain. There’s no point in us discussing why this radio is good- it’s visible from i’s performance!

Why do you need a Uniden PRO401HH radio and why should you buy it?

If you have been searching the market for CB handheld radios recently, you for sure have seen that it is full of a lot of expensive CB radios that might not have everything that you need. Well, one of the best traits of this handheld CB radio is that its price is very much affordable and low. You might end up finding some models with an even lower price, but they definitely do not have the same features as this Uniden one.

The Uniden PRO401HH CB radio has all of the basic, and the most standard features that any kind of CB handheld radio should have. Depending on your budget, you might want to buy a more expensive model, but, if you are very much satisfied with only basic functions, then why buy a model that will cost you more money? In our own opinion, this handheld CB radio is a solid, good-quality radio that won’t let you down.

Uniden PRO401HH radio

The user manual

Of course that the Uniden PRO401HH handheld CB radio comes with the user manual, what would we do without it? This manual contains every single piece of information and detail that users should know. There’s the introduction section, the setup section, as well as the specifications, and the troubleshooting section. Every box that contains the unit should contain the manual as well. But, if that’s not the case- do not worry, you can access the PDF version of the manual HERE.

The price of the radio when tested: $$

Is there a better alternative?

A better alternative device might be one also from the Uniden Pro series of CB radios. The Uniden PRO505XL is also a CB radio, but not a handheld one. If you are okay with it not being a handheld one, you should definitely check it out. But, due to its size and weight, it is definitely easily portable. The price of the alternative is forty dollars, and it features a public address function, as well as an instant emergency channel. alternative, you can collect SSB CB Radio for the NOAA weather alert and noise-canceling microphone.

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Conclusion of Uniden PRO401HH CB radio reviews

This is a generally pretty cool handheld CB radio. And hopefully, you agree with our opinion after reading this review. The most standard and great features are there to make your life easier, and to provide you with a good quality performance.

This CB radio might not be the best one on the market, but it will for sure make you satisfied with its overall performance and generally the way it works. We believe that you should for sure give the Uniden PRO401HH review a chance, it won’t disappoint you!

FAQs related to Uniden PRO401HH

Q-1. Are you able to use a Bluetooth headset with this?

No, this handheld CB radio does not support that.

Q-2. Where is this unit made?

This handheld CB radio is made in Vietnam.

Q-3. Can I remove the CB radio antenna?

Yes, you are able to remove the CB radio antenna. You will have to turn it about a quarter and then after that pull it off. You might need to apply some force, but, it will eventually be taken off.

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