08 Best CB Radio Antenna for Truckers | Buying guide & Troubleshoot

An essential thing to have alongside your CB radio in your truck, that will also help it work way better, is the CB radio antenna. Imagine you being on the road somewhere in the USA, doing your job, cruising, and you stumble upon one of the fella truckers down on the road. Having a nice conversation with someone while working can sometimes be relaxing, especially if you have spent your whole day sitting in a truck driver’s seat.

Truckers every day have to communicate with each other on the road, and the only thing that can help them establish a flawless, clear connection is a good quality CB antenna that will help out the CB radio to establish that connection.

The best thing about them is that could be used both on the road and off the road. Having in mind that truckers have a really fast lifestyle, owning one of these is a necessity. The ability to listen to all of the emergency radio stations across the United State, as well as to connect with the other truck driver has never been easier up until now!

What is the best CB radio antenna for truckers?

Today, we will be showing you the 08 …best CB radio antenna models for truckers… in 2022. You will see that these ones will knock your socks off! You can pick it up from here easily


Wilson 305-492 T2000 Series, 5-Inch Shaft

1. Wilson 305-492 T2000 Series, 5-Inch Shaft
  • Best Mobile CB antenna for semi-truck
Price on Amazon

WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna

2. WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna
  • Best CB antenna for pickup truck
Price on Amazon

Tram-browning TC-6 TramCat, 6-Inch Shaft

3. Tram-browning TC-6 TramCat, 6-Inch Shaft
  • Best Trucker Aluminum CB Antenna
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TRAM 3-W-HC Fiberglass CB Antenna
4. TRAM 3-W-HC Fiberglass CB Antenna
  • Best CB antenna for Volvo truck
Price on Amazon
Accessories Unlimited AUFLEX3-B 0.38 x 24 in. 3 ft.
5. Accessories Unlimited AUFLEX3-B 0.38 x 24 in. 3 ft.
  • Best CB antenna for dump truck
Price on Amazon
TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit
6. TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit
  • Best CB antenna for 18-wheeler
Price on Amazon
RoadPro (RP-711) 24″ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel
7. RoadPro (RP-711) 24″ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel
  • Best CB antenna for aluminum truck
Price on Amazon
K40 Model K-30 35″ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel
8. K40 Model K-30 35″ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel
  • Best CB antenna for log truck
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Why does a truck driver need a CB antenna?

The reason why one truck driver might need a CB antenna is quite obvious, don’t you think so?

Of course, the role of a CB antenna is to make sure your radio gets an improved reception, and also provide it with a wider range. These two things are something most regular CB radios are lacking, so, purchasing a CB antenna is sometimes considered as essential.

Buyer’s Tips: How to Choose the Right Best CB Radio Antenna for Truckers

Now, in the continuation of this article, we will be giving you some of the tips on how to choose the best CB radio antenna for yourself. These tips will surely help you reach a decision, and eventually purchase a model which will satisfy your needs.

Choosing the right CB radio antenna is crucial, as we all know, it is the heart of any radio operator’s station. There are a lot of things to consider, and frequently the brand name goes at the bottom of the list.

  • How will the antenna mount in your truck?
  • Will your truck fit in your garage while the antenna is on the roof?
  • How tall does it have to be? What specific brand works best for me?

Aside from those things, you also have to think about the weather and your location.

best cb radio antenna for truckers

What to consider when purchasing a truck CB antenna

Well, if you have been looking for a way to improve the signal quality of your CB radio inside of your truck, you have certainly found one. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to find the best CB antenna that will suit both your radio model and your vehicle. Luckily, there are a few “universal” things you should be paying attention to. Let’s see which things you should consider when purchasing a truck CB antenna:

  • Make sure that it has mounting options that suit you

Of course, one of the main things that will influence your reception is where you mount your antenna. You will surely stumble upon various models with different mounting ways. What you should do, is choose the one that is the most compatible with your vehicle.

You should also pay attention to the way your mount your antenna. Always focus on putting it higher up on your vehicle. The higher the antenna is placed the larger area will be able to cover. On top of that, horizontally shaped antennas are not really something you would want to purchase. At least not if you wish to have good reception and an always stable connection inside of your vehicle. So, the vertically designed one is something you should be looking for. With all of that being said, you could easily mount your antenna on the top of your roof, or on your trunk. The key is to not mount it in a way that may risk it getting broken in half. This can especially be tricky for longer antennas, and that’s where you will need to be a little more careful.

  • Pay attention to the size

Length is the 2nd thing you have to consider when looking at CB radios antennas. Keep in mind that the tall ones work better and get a longer range than their short counterparts in general. The higher your antenna is, the farther your message will go, and the same goes when receiving messages from farther away.

So what’s the ideal length of CB radios antennas? The most preferred length is about 8 ½ feet, this is tantamount to ¼ of a wavelength. You may have been cringing right now because it may not even be an option for you. Don’t fret because a lot of companies manufacture shorter antennas. The only downside is if your reception isn’t as good.

We have surely mentioned this a couple of times before, and we will surely mention it a couple of times in the future too. It’s important for you to realize that the length and the size of the antenna can significantly influence the reception. Namely, the length of the antenna is actually the crucial thing that will determine, and have a very close influence on your reception, and your signal range.

If the antenna is, per say, very short, so will the range be? You won’t be having the same opportunity to pick up on the farthest signals with the short, and with the long antenna. So, when choosing one, definitely concentrate on trying to find a longer antenna, and ignore the short ones at the start.

  • Features are important

This last thing can possibly be the easiest thing that you will need to decide. Namely, you should determine what kind of features are you looking for in an antenna. We have previously named the two most important things that any good quality antenna must-have. Now, it’s up to you to set up your priorities and think of all of the features you might find helpful. After you do that, you will have all of the needed criteria to find the perfect CB truck antenna for yourself.

Another factor that should be looked into when looking at CB radio antennas is the coil location. A base-loaded antenna houses the coil at the bottom, which is typically in a plastic covering. Most of these types contain a magnet at the bottom to mount it on a vehicle’s roof. Base-loaded antennas generally have higher wattage outputs, and they are often mounted on car or Pickup truck roofs and trunks.

The center-loaded may seem confusing because the coil is not in the middle, but it is usually near the bottom, not at the base, though. People who have large Pickup trucks and semis prefer this type. If you want an affordable antenna, then you can go for the top-loaded type. This is considered to be the most effective even though it generally contains low wattage.

Top-loaded antennas are normally produced using fiberglass. The thin wire is wrapped on the outside of the shaft and is covered with a protective layer. You can mount it lower on the car because it will be more likely taller than the roof of the car.

So we’re down with the coil location, what else should you pay attention to when shopping for CB radios antennas? Mounting is also very important. If you want something that you can take off and put back on, you can opt for the magnetic ones. What’s great about these antennas is that you can easily move them around to find a better reception.

In-depth product reviews on the best CB Radio Antenna for Truckers:-

1. Best Mobile CB antenna for semi-truck

Wilson 305-492 T2000 Series, 5-Inch Shaft

51juZyVHVoL. AC SL1200
Why should you buy this?

This is one of the most powerful CB antennas out there. You surely won’t be able to find a more powerful one on the market.

Who’s it for?

This antenna is for people who own a CB radio which clearly needs a lot of help to catch even the nearest, and farthest signals too.

Why did we pick it?

We have picked this antenna because this T2000 Wilson series is quite impressive. Namely, this exact model has around 3500Watts of power and contains a 49-inch stainless whip. This means that this antenna is clearly one of the strongest and one of the longest CB antennas in the world.

It has a frequency range of 26-30Mhz, which means that it can catch a lot of different signals while experiencing zero dropouts or having zero problems while doing so. Besides its ability to catch regular frequencies, this antenna also has the extended power to turn to the weather-band channels and make them instantly available to the user.

All of this is possible due to its significant coil design. There’s no doubt that this antenna would be able to supply its owner with the needed, and desired good reception.

Tested: The first time in 2016 and Finally Nov 2021


2. Best CB antenna for pickup truck

WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna

31XMGB2R9bL. ACWhy should you buy this?

You should buy this if you are looking for an antenna that has an excellent performance, and which is able to reach out for very far signals and transmit them clearly and perfectly.

Who’s it for? 

This antenna will be the perfect choice for all of those people who own pickup trucks. Due to the very practical way of mounting, this antenna will be able to provide these truckers with the best reception possible.

Why did we pick it?

This next CB antenna model is ideal for pickup trucks. As you can see, we are presenting you with yet another Wilson CB antenna model, and you are surely about to see more of these.

Okay, what’s so impressive about this antenna is that it has just the perfect performance. Its reception is very good, and all of that is possible due to the heavy-duty coil materials. What’s also interesting about this model is that its stand is actually a 10-ounce magnet that will make sure the whole construction of the antenna stays in one place, and be perfectly still attached to the vehicle.

This is one of the best CB antennas for pickup trucks, and also one of the most affordable Wilson antennas.

Tested: The first time 2015 and Finally Feb 2021


3. Best Trucker Aluminum CB Antenna

Tram-browning TC-6 TramCat, 6-Inch Shaft

61DcFoBB46L. AC SL1500Why should you buy this?

You should consider purchasing this model if you are interested in owning a tall, durable antenna that is also lightweight, easily mountable, and able to catch even the farthest signals.

Who’s it for? 

This antenna is only for the professional truck drivers who know how much these types of antennas could be helpful in their everyday lives.

Why did we pick it?

As soon as we stumbled upon this antenna, and saw thousands of awesome reviews from other users, we instantly added this model to our “to test” list. It quite intrigued us, and we wanted to know, almost immediately, what was all of the fuss about. As you can assume, we were blown away by its performance, and this is one of those antennas that could certainly open up your eyes a little and enable you to experience listening to different stations at any time.

The design of this antenna might not be as attractive, as per say the design of the previous model, but what’s important is that this model too is made out of durable materials. Namely, this antenna has an aluminum body and is equipped with a six-inch shaft. This is one of the best performance antennas which you will ever see, as it has 27000 watts of power. This is clearly an antenna made for professional truckers only, who know how to handle it right.

Tested: The first time in 2017 and Finally in December 2020


4. Best CB antenna for Volvo truck

TRAM 3-W-HC Fiberglass CB Antenna

Why should you buy this?

This is one of the cheapest antennas which you will ever see. Of course, the quality of it is at the highest level possible too.

Who’s it for? 

This antenna is perfect for people who wouldn’t like to spend a lot of money on purchasing a device such as this one.

Why did we pick it?

It might look like we have picked this antenna just because of its exclusive price. But, that is actually not true, we have chosen it because of its many features.

What caught our attention first is the astonishing and quite impressive construction of this antenna. When you first look at it, it looks like it’s going to break as soon as you put it on your truck, but in reality, it’s much more durable than you might think. Heavy-duty fiberglass is the main material that is responsible for the durability of this antenna.

Besides that, its performance is quite impressive too. Namely, this Tram 3-W antenna has a frequency range of around 26-29Mhz. When we were testing it out, it has no problems connecting with the signals, even when we weren’t that close to the broadcasting towers. This only means that the performance of it is out of this world!

Tested: The first time in 2017 and Finally Aug 2020


5. Best CB antenna for dump truck

Accessories Unlimited AUFLEX3-B 0.38 x 24 in. 3 ft.

31lNYpTVV0L. AC SL1200Why should you buy this?

This antenna is made out of resistant materials which makes it resistant to all of the outside harmful factors. Durability is one of the perks of owning an antenna like this one.

Who’s it for? 

This antenna is perfect for the owners of dump trucks. It is made out of strong materials and has a very tough construction.

Why did we pick it?

We have decided to test out this antenna because it’s made out of hard and resistant materials which might be the best choice for many truck drivers. Durability should always be on your mind when you are looking for an antenna, as it is one of the most important features. Antennas are the ones who will be left outside and be influenced by natural factors.

This is one of those Superflex CB antennas that have tunable tips. We also must mention that this antenna is specially designed to be used on truck rooftops, as it is able to hold and fight against all of the obstacles. Its flexibility of it surely makes the whole antenna a lot better. And, flexibility is something truckers should pay attention to. Antennas with more flexibility tend to not have as many malfunctions, and they won’t break easily due to the influence of any outside factors, or weather circumstances. We should also say that this is a black antenna which makes its appearance look modern.

Tested: The first time in 2019 and Finally in June 2021


6. Best CB antenna for 18 wheeler

TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit

51QrkF2tbJL. AC SL1500Why should you buy this?

This is one of the most affordable CB antennas on the market, which also has very good reception.

Who’s it for? 

This antenna is for people who struggle with the usual mounting of the antenna. With this model, the whole mounting process has been easier.

Why did we pick it?

We have chosen this antenna just because it has everything that one trucker with a CB radio might need. Namely, this is one of those antennas that could cover all of the CB frequencies, and be able to easily, and effortlessly connect your radio to them.

Not only is this radio made out of stainless steel, but it is also 2 feet tall. And, you know the drill, if an antenna is tall, the better your reception will be. So, as 2 feet is pretty tall, the one using this antenna will have extraordinary reception. On top of that, its cable is 17 feet long, which means that you could easily be able to connect your radio to it, and experience zero problems while doing so.

Now, the mounting of these types of antennas is something most truckers, and generally, everyone, find challenging. But, fear not, as this antenna will not torture you with that at all. It comes equipped with a 3.5-inch magnet mount and a shock spring. This means that, with the help of these two parts, you will effortlessly mount it anywhere you want on your truck.

Tested: The first time in 2020 and Finally Sept 2021


7. Best CB antenna for aluminum truck

RoadPro (RP-711) 24″ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel

51HSNvf3+7L. AC SL1200Why should you buy this?

You should consider purchasing this antenna because it has a very special aerodynamic design, perfectly designed to receive better reception.

Who’s it for? 

This antenna is perfect for all of those people who have had some struggles with their reception in the past.

Why did we pick it?

We have picked this antenna because of its perfect design. Now, of course, you cannot judge a book by its cover, and it does not necessarily mean that one device is good because of its good-looking design. But, in this case, we weren’t wrong at all. In fact, we are pretty happy that we found an antenna such as this one.

Namely, what’s so special about its design is its aerodynamic shape. This shape helps the antenna cut through the air more easily, and therefore, catch the signals better. This is surely a desired feature that most antennas do not have. However, this one does, and by the looks of it, it has been pretty helpful to us.

Besides its unique aerodynamic shape, this antenna also has a 24 center-loaded copper coil stainless steel body. This means that it could easily hold through all-weather circumstances, and not be affected by it all.

And lastly, the connection with the CB radio has also been simplified, as it has a pre-wired magnetic mount base that comes with a nine-inch coaxial cable. All of these things just prove that this is certainly the best choice CB antenna for all aluminum trucks.

Tested: The first time in 2018 and Finally April 2021


8. Best CB antenna for log truck

K40 Model K-30 35″ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel

51+6AXdIpJL. AC SL1200Why should you buy this?

A person should consider purchasing this antenna if they want, or need to use some vehicle temporarily, or for a limited period of time. Its magnet mount stainless steel base makes it easily mountable, and that’s the main reason why you should consider purchasing it.

Who’s it for? 

For people who want to temporarily use this antenna.

Why did we pick it?

We have picked this antenna because of its unbelievable power! Namely, this is an antenna with around 300 watts of AM power handling capability. Besides that, we have already mentioned that its design is something quite intriguing about it. Namely, this is a magnet mount antenna that has a stainless-steel body. This magnet mount stand enables it to be mounted temporarily and be moved from one vehicle to another easily.

This means that the antenna is perfect for people who might not use their own vehicles very often, or who change vehicles frequently. Besides its intriguing design, this K40 antenna also comes with a 15-inc shielded coaxial cable that has been carefully made out of good quality materials to prevent any breakage. Some users sometimes experience a malfunction in their CB antenna because the coaxial cable has been broken somewhere. That sort of thing won’t happen with this antenna, and that is yet another reason why this antenna has taken an honorable place in our best CB antenna for truckers article.

Tested: The first time in 2020 and Finally Dec 2021


How we test these CB radio antennas

What all of our readers should know is that we carefully test every single model before we present them to you. In other words, what we actually do is take the time to firstly connect each model to our CB radios, and use it for an extensive time. Then, after we do that, we write down our thoughts, what we liked about the antenna, what we didn’t really like about it, and similar things. After testing each and every model we think is worth our time, we then sit down, summarize our thoughts, and bring them here to you!

How to Antenna Troubleshoot Your Distance

A common issue that many users experience with a new radio is poor performance, especially across large distances. Even if everything is connected correctly, without illegal radio modifications that I can’t discuss on this site, you can only expect a range of about 5 miles from the top CB radios reviewed here. Regardless, there are some easy-to-fix mistakes that are all too common with DIY CB radio installs. Read on to find out how to make sure you are getting the most out of your CB radio.

  • Check Your Ground

A poor ground is one of the most prevalent causes of bad radio performance. You might get all sorts of strange “check antenna” or bad SWR ratings and unreliable performance when your ground connection is bad. This can be caused by paint, rust, or other physical obstructions to the connection. Use a test light between the positive battery terminal and the place where your radio is grounded to ensure there’s a good connection. Also, test the outer metal part of your coaxial where it connects to the antenna. It may be necessary to make a new ground cable from a better place on the chassis of your vehicle.

Ensure that the ground connection is not loose or obstructed. Remove any paint, rust, or dirt from the grounding point with sandpaper until you are grounding the radio to shiny metal. The entire chassis is grounded by a cable that runs from your negative battery terminal to solid metal on your car. On an older vehicle, the ground may be improved by replacing this cable with higher quality, bigger one.

  • Re-position Your Antenna

Your antenna is one of the most critical elements of your rig. It should be as high up as possible. When mounting the antenna on your roof or high on your vehicle, be sure that it has a secure mount that will not fail at high speeds. There is quite a bit of force transferred to the antenna at 65 mph. Common antenna installations on the side of the vehicle, such as the mirrors, often have a large portion of the truck obstruct one side of the antenna. This negatively affects antenna performance by blocking some of the signals coming in. You want the antenna to be free with plenty of room on all sides.

  • Calibrate Your SWR

If you’ve read the SWR post, you know that you want as close to a 1.1 SWR as possible. While the built-in SWR meters that some CB radios have work fine for less accurate calibration, ideally, you would want to use an external SWR meter. You will most likely see the SWR lower on channel 1 and higher on 20 and 40. Then, you tune the antenna to get it as close to 1.5 as possible on 1-20-40. This is accomplished by lowering the antenna whip by adjusting it or cutting it in 1/2 inch increments. Remember, you can always cut more off, but it’s a lot harder to add more length on.

Once you reach 1.5, then you are good to go. If it begins to skew in the other direction, where 1 is higher than 20 and 40, then you must raise the whip. This is why you only trim 1/2 inch at a time. So that you leave enough just in case you need to raise it a little.

Final thoughts

There’s certainly no doubt that CB antennas are able to have a huge impact on the signal reception of CB radios. Most the CB radios won’t ever reach the same level of power or reception without one of these antennas attached to them.

The models which we have presented you with today have been carefully picked out, and are surely the best of the best CB antennas for truckers in 2022. All of their features just prove their high quality and durability, and that their performance is top-notch. We are sure that whichever model you might end up choosing, will be the best choice you have ever made.

FAQs related to CB radio antennas

Q-1. Should I install dual antennas?

There are a lot of benefits of installing dual antennas, we will name a few of them. Some truckers want to install only dual antennas because they believe that they will suit them better, and here’s why. Namely, dual CB antennas will be able to increase and even double the range of your radio. This means that you will surely have a lot of ground covered with your radio. Besides that, the second most popular reason why truckers often decide to use dual CB antennas is that they can minimize the appearance of signal blind spots that might be caused because of the dimensions of your truck.

Q-2. What is the best place to mount a CB antenna on a pickup truck?

When mounting a CB antenna, there’s one rule that you should stick to the higher the antenna is placed, the better performance you will receive. In other words, if you want to have better signal reception, try placing your antenna up high on your truck.

Q-3. Is a taller CB antenna better?

The answer to this question is yes. If you purchase a taller antenna, you will have a way better reception. The explanation for that is- the higher the antenna, the better the reception (the rule from the previous question.)

Q-4. How far is the reach of a CB Radio?

Different types of CB radios may have different reaches or ranges. An average CB radio can have a range from 3-20 miles. Of course, this is if the radio has no interruptions.

Q-5. What is more important, the CB Antenna or the radio?

Well, CB radios cannot function right without a CB antenna attached to them helping them do their job right. This means that a CB radio practically must have a CB antenna connected to it. At least if the user wants to have a good range. Since CB radios themselves are built to have small power, So CB antennas can be considered as essential.

Q-6. How do I know what kind of antenna I should buy?

You should know this based on your general location. You will need a stronger CB antenna if you are often located in a certain area that is not equipped with close broadcasting towers. The closer the broadcasting towers are together, the weaker antenna you will need, and in vice versa. So, choose the antenna based on its strength, and your location, or area coverage with broadcasting towers.

Q-7. Which antenna brand is the best?

The Wilson antenna brand is considered to be one of the best producers of CB antennas worldwide.

Q- 8. Is the antenna compatible with the X mount?

The answer to this question is yes. As almost all CB antennas are universal and can be mounted in different ways. Of course, there’s a chance that you might stumble upon a model that is not compatible with the X mount. If that’s important to you, just find one that can be mounted that way.

Q-9. Why should I buy a truck CB antenna?

If you have a CB radio inside of your truck, you should definitely purchase a CB antenna. Not only will the antenna give you the much-desired reach, but this antenna will also actually help your CB radio work properly. As we have mentioned before, your CB radio might not be able to work fully without the CB antenna.

Q-10. Can I buy a cheap pickup CB antenna?

Of course, you can buy a cheap pickup CB antenna. There are a lot of brands that focus on producing affordable CB antennas so that all users could afford them. Some of those brands are mentioned earlier in the article, and we have even tested some of the models out, go check them out.

Q-11. Antennas and SWR

You may have seen the acronym SWR mentioned a few times on this site and be wondering, “What the hell is an SWR?” I’ll try to explain what the Standing Wave Ratio means and break down how to set up your antenna for the best performance.

An SWR is a number that comes from the relationship between how much power can be delivered to your antenna and how much of that power is reflected back down into your radio.

Under ideal conditions, your antenna would be able to convert all of the power into a radio signal and reflect nothing into your coax and into your radio. You want a low SWR.

A high SWR means that a lot of power is being reflected back into your radio. This will cause damage to the components if the problem is not corrected. Therefore, it is in your best interest to check your SWR and make sure that everything is operating as it should. Having a CB radio that smells like an electrical fire is never fun.

Q-12. How do I check my SWR?

You will need an SWR meter to measure this if your unit isn’t one of the models that come with a built-in one.

Using the built-in or external SWR meter, check your SWR on channels 1, 19, and 40. If the SWR on all three of these channels is below 2, you are within the safe operating range and can carry on about your business.

Q-13. What Does My SWR Mean?

If your SWR is higher than 2, it may be a coaxial connection problem or a ground issue. Be sure that your coax is the correct length, and that all of your ground connections are good. A good ground connection goes directly to bare metal on the frame of your vehicle or to the negative battery terminal. If you are connecting to the frame, make sure to remove any paint or rust that might interrupt the connection. If you connect to the battery negative, make sure that the wires are protected, especially if you are running them through holes cut into sheet metal. Sharp edges can cut wires and cause problems down the line.

If it’s higher than 3, then something is really wrong. Something is causing an electrical short, and using the radio with such a high SWR will cause damage to the unit. Go back over everything and double-check all of your electrical connections to eliminate any possible cause of a short circuit. Common short circuit causes are wires that have been worn away by holes in your firewall or roof, and other sharp edges cutting into your wires.

If channel 1 SWR is higher than your channel 40 SWR, your antenna is too short, and you may need to lengthen it. This may or may not be an issue depending on the amount of variance between the two channels.

If the opposite is true, and your channel 1 SWR is lower than the channel 40 SWR, your antenna is too long.

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